Getting a New Camera!

I know most girls say that they feel naked if they forget their cell phone, but – for me – I’m lost without my camera.  Since I began blogging years ago, I’ve used my camera every day, multiple times a day.  It’s always being tossed into my purse, stuffed into my back pocket, dropped onto a grocery store floor, or covered in a thin sprinkle of rain water.

Wherever I go, it comes with.  Always!

Now as I mentioned the other day, I’m trying to learn how to use the manual setting of my DSLR, but it’s going to take time.  And, quite frankly, it’s not very practical for blogging.  The camera most definitely does not fit into my back pocket or purse; and it’s way too large to casually pull out in a restaurant or mall, should I want to snap some pics.

So when my point and shoot camera died, I cried.  Well, not really.  But I was really sad.

It’s been a couple of rough years where my point and shoot cameras are concerned.  I loved my Sony soooo much; but after three years of being used multiple times a day, a dial broke and it no longer can do video.  I dislike the two replacement cameras that I’ve purchased since, so much so that I always go back to my Sony that’s hanging on by a thread.  The other two just have really bad picture quality, or they don’t focus well.

I haven’t been able to take pictures lately, other than when I’m practicing with my DSLR, so I found myself researching some point and shoot cameras this afternoon.  You know, just to dream.  And to see how many pennies I needed to save up.

I found one that seemed to look good, so I sent the link to Nate (who wasn’t home at the time. He absolutely loves researching electronics, so I figured that he’d do some further digging for me).  In the email, I wrote, “Soooo, do you mind if I throw some piano teaching money at this in the new year?  I really, really need a new point and shoot camera, and you know that it’s something I’ll use ALL the time.”

The following conversation took place after he opened the email

Nate:   “You didn’t already order yourself a camera, did you?”

Me:  “Oh, no, I don’t have money for it yet.  I was just looking.”

Nate:  “Well, you kind of put me in a pickle.”

Nicole:  “I’m not saying that I need to get it right after Christmas.  I’m just thinking that I could save up for it in January and maybe put the majority of my teaching money towards it.”

Nate:  “But is that THE camera that you want?  You definitely are making this tough.”

Nicole:  “No, I was thinking you could help me research.  It just looked like a good camera.”

Nate, sighing, “I wish you weren’t doing research already.”

Nicole, starting to get confused:  “I was just looking.  I don’t need to get a camera if we can’t do it right now.  I can just keep practicing with my good one.  Not all of my blog posts need pictures.”

Nate:  “I wanted it to be a surprise.”

Me:  “Wait, what?”

Nate:  “I bought you one for Christmas.”

*Insert smiley face, loud squeals, and lots of hugging*




12 thoughts on “Getting a New Camera!

  1. Whhhatttt??!!?? That’s soooo exciting!!! We need to plan a play date in January to just go off and play with our cameras. I’d love to find a new point and shoot that I can take with me everywhere as well, so I’m curious to see how you like your new one (which you’re probably supposed to forget about until Christmas….yeah right!)

    1. ‘Whhhatttt’ is right!! Nate and I weren’t supposed to buy each other Christmas presents this year, so I should insist that he return it. 😉 BUT I soooo miss having a point and shoot camera that works! (I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to purchasing them. One size does NOT fit all… If I don’t like it after a careful week of playing with it, then I’m going to return it).
      I keep wanting to ask him what kind it is… But, yes, I’m supposed to forget about it. Ha, ha!!!

  2. Ahhh how exciting!!! I think we can trust that Nate did his research 😉 How are you ever gonna be able to wait that long though?!???

    1000 good-husband points for Nate.

    1. YES, 1000 good husband points for sure! 🙂
      I have absolutely NO idea how I am going to wait that long. LOL! It will kill me if I have to blog for a month without taking any pics. 😉 Soooo I pulled out my poor, old Sony (which I’ve yet to toss); and I just have to use it on the auto setting without changing anything (thanks to the broken dial). It takes decent indoor pics, but I can’t change the white balance, etc. And there probably won’t be any vlogs until after Christmas (unless I can borrow someone’s camera, which actually I might end up doing). LOL!
      Gosh, I seriously am attached to my camera!!

      1. Dear Nate,

        Kindly allow your darling wife to have early access to her long-awaited and highly-desired camera which you so sweetly and generously purchased for her as a Christmas gift.

        In return, 2000 additional points will be deposited into your Good Husband account, leaving you with a balance of 9,348,754. While you do have a few points to spare should you wish to make Nicole suffer until December 25th, that course of action is not recommended.

        Sincerely, and lovingly,
        Vice-President of the Nicole Fan Club

      2. This was SUCH an awesome comment and officially is one of my favorite comments ever! 🙂 (Nate thought it was pretty hilarious too).
        Guess who got her brand new camera today?!? 🙂 I didn’t have the chance to play with it at all, because it was such a busy day… And then I teach all day tomorrow. Soooo, hopefully I’ll be able to play with it on Thursday between piano lessons! 🙂 Awwwww, so excited!!

  3. HAHA how adorable. YAY for a new camera! I haven’t used my dslr since last December, but that’s because I’ve been lazy with updating it’s software so it doesn’t actually save photos right now. Who knew expensive cameras were so complicated. Ok, I did…I knew it would be.

    1. I know, right?!? DSLR’s are pretty intense! I’m having fun playing with my camera, but I definitely have a long way to go in terms of learning how to properly use it!

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