A Few Things About Brady

I don’t generally give baby updates on my blog, but I have been horrible – HORRIBLE – at keeping my own personal records of Brady’s milestones over the course of the year.  Sadly, his baby book has been left untouched.  That being said, I have taken well over 500 photos of him.  (So his early months have been well documented just the same).  😉

Still, since he’s now officially a year old, I wanted to document a few things about Brady.  So here goes…

Age:  One!!

Weight:  Brady weighs 26  1/2 pounds, and he’s currently wearing 18 month clothes (although those are getting a bit small, so we’re in the process of moving him to 24 month clothes).  Yes, he’s a big boy!  And according to the doctor, he’s still in the 97th percentile for his weight.

Favorite Foods:  Brady isn’t picky when it comes to food… obviously.  🙂  Strangely enough, he can’t stand carrots, potatoes, or anything overly sweet (like birthday cake).  But he’ll eat asparagus, beats, meat loaf, homemade sweet potato fries, green beans, and pasta.  His favorite foods are watermelon, freeze dried yogurt bites, avocado, cheese omelets, and toast with cottage cheese.

Bottle or Sippy Cup:  Brady loves to walk around with his new sippy cup, and I’m convinced that it makes him feel like a big boy.  He still chokes on the water at times, but he’s getting there.  😉

Crawl or Walk:  My big boy is walking!  He took his first steps at 11 months, and he’s now cruising around the house and getting into absolutely everything.  Nate and I are making bets as to how long it’s going to take the Christmas tree to come toppling over.  😉  At least we bought a smallish one this year!

What are you working on:  So Brady has to learn how to be gentle.  As in, it’s not nice to pull the cat’s tails or to tug on Daddy’s lips.  He doesn’t quite understand why they don’t like to play with him this way, so it’s a good thing that both the cats and his daddy are patient.

I’m also trying to teach him the word ‘yucky’.  At this point, everything goes in his mouth!

Words:  Brady’s first word ever was ‘Mama’, but ‘Dada’ is his favorite word.  He says ‘Dada’ all day long… with an occasional ‘Mama’ thrown in just to make me happy.  🙂  He doesn’t yet know the meaning of the words, but it’s fun to hear him say them.

He does know the meaning of the word ‘light’ though, and his version (“lawwwwt”) sounds quite British, which makes me jealous as I’d like to have an accent too.  And he also says “glub, glub, glub” which just proves how often we visit the fishies at Walmart.  *sheepish grin*

Friends:  He has a beautiful, little friend at church who is four months younger than him and whom he sees on a weekly basis.  Her older brother insists that one day, she and Brady will get married.  😉

He’s also very fond of my best friend Liz’s little girl and my best friend Wendy’s little boy.  So at one years old, he already has a little group of friends forming, which is SO cute!

Favorite Activities:  Brady loves to dance; and he already has some moves, let me tell you.  His favorite toys are his ball, his light-up tool box, and his beat box.  But his favorite thing to do is to crawl or walk all over the house and explore.  My little guy won’t sit still for a minute if it means he might miss something.  He does, however, sit down to watch Curious George with his daddy every morning.  It’s their favorite cartoon! And he likes to be read to at night.  (His favorite book is still Moo, Baa, La, La, La). 

Just a few more things:  Brady has an infectious laugh, and nothing makes him happier than to greet people with a smile.  (The kid is already a little ham).  🙂  He gives the sweetest kisses, the warmest hugs, and sometimes he pulls my hair so hard that I think I might lose a chunk.  😉  That’s my boy!  Ha, ha.

I love this little boy to the moon and back!  🙂  And I can’t wait to see what this upcoming year brings.




8 thoughts on “A Few Things About Brady

  1. I just love this post! It’s so much fun to learn about your sweet little guy. I can’t believe he’s walking around now and getting into everything! Yay for big boy sippy cups and making people smile. I hope you post more updates in the future, because I just loved reading this!

  2. Love reading his milestones! Charlotte is terrible with the pulling of the cat tail. It’s so frustrating. Let me know if you find a solution that works. I’ve ruled out the “stern no”… That elicited laughter. We’re working on explaining that it hurts kitty. Again… Not wildly successful yet.

    1. Brady is the SAME way! He thinks a stern ‘no’ is hilarious too… Right now, we’re just trying to gently take his hand to gently stroke the cat, so that he learns how to pet in a softer way. But it hasn’t worked quite yet, so we’re patiently working on it. 😉

    1. Oh, I know, right?!? Sooooo, we have discovered Brady’s sweet tooth. 😉 Although he doesn’t seem to like sweets such as cupcakes (he was allowed a taste on Christmas and rejected it again), he ‘does’ like sweet things. He adores pancakes with a touch of syrup, and he goes ecstatic with happiness when he’s allowed a sip of real juice (as apposed to the diluted kind that I’m supposed to be giving him). Ha, ha.

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