Thanksgiving 2015!

How was your Thanksgiving?  Mine was soooo delicious, and fun, and absolutely perfect.  🙂

Just two disclaimers about this vlog…

#1.  Nate is a little camera shy, so he barely makes an appearance on my vlogs.  I have a few in mind that will help him feel comfortable AND let me include him in these vlogs.  So stay tuned!  🙂

#2.  My point and shoot cameras don’t like me, so I apologize for the poor sound quality at times.  😉  I need to start saving my pennies for a new one!

#3.  Have a super awesome day!!!



5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2015!

  1. Oh no! Your cat ate your sweater?! But hooray for early Christmas presents! 🙂

    That tiny rocking chair is adorable.

    Go you for trying the tofurkey. Good to be brave! 🙂

    Yay! Matt saved the day! I forget your brother’s name is Matt. Mine is too! 🙂 I guess that was a common name in the 80s (and still is, ha!). But still, I think it’s neat. 🙂

    1. Yes, Highstreet ate a chunk out of the sleeve of my sweater! Ugh! LOL!! It had fallen off the hanger in my closet, and he got to it. I really have to talk to the vet and find out if he’s missing a nutrient or something… Ha, ha. Nate is convinced that our cat is just crazy though. 😉
      I forgot that you had a brother named Matt too!! Ha, ha. Yet another thing that we have in common! 🙂

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