First, first birthday party

This, my friends, is the face of a very happy little birthday boy!

Right up until this morning, I second-guessed my decision to throw Brady two small birthday parties and to keep things simple.  I mean, I never do simple.  I’m the queen of making too much food, and putting up too many decorations, and – well – you get the point.  I tend to go over-board whenever I’m hostessing a party.

Oh, who am I kidding, I go overboard when I invite someone over for coffee…  It’s my thing.

In my defense, however, it’s not entirely my fault.  I come from a long line of women who take their hostessing skills quite seriously.  We like to see people eat good food in a warm, inviting environment.  And if we think you didn’t have a good time, we’ll worry about it until we can invite you over again and make things right.  😉

So deciding to keep things simple is just further proof that this mommy life has definitely shifted my priorities a little.  Not that I still don’t obsess with people eating good food in a warm, inviting environment.  🙂  But maybe I just don’t go quite so overboard, because it would then mean that I’d have to sacrifice time spent with my little guy.

Still, I kind of felt guilty this morning when I finished decorating and baking, because I felt as though I hadn’t done enough.  You do only turn one once, you know.

Looking back over today, however, keeping things simple was the best thing that we could have done.

Brady had a rough night of teething, and he was pretty cranky all morning long.  I decided to stay home from church with him, which is around the time he fell into a bookcase and cut the corner of his face near his eye.  It bled a little, and quickly swelled; but thank goodness it didn’t turn into a black eye as I had feared it might.

Had I been busy cooking and prepping, I wouldn’t have had that opportunity to cuddle, snuggle, and love on him.  Instead of frantically running around like a crazy person, I was able to give him the attention he really needed in that moment.  And THEN, once he was calm enough to play by himself again, I ran around like a crazy person to get things done in time.  😉

I don’t have a ton of pictures from the day, since this was the party with Nate’s side of the family…and therefore my photographer (a.k.a. my sister) wasn’t present.  Ha, ha!  But it really was fun, and Brady did so well.  It was a little overwhelming for him to be surrounded by so many people, especially as he started to get tired; so I definitely am glad we decided to throw him two, intimate parties instead of one large one.  I think the amount of people we had in the house today was the perfect amount, as everyone was able to spend time with him but he also had the chance to enjoy some quiet moments too.

The crazy thing is that we get to party like this next weekend too!  🙂  Turning one years old sure is fun!!

And thanks to keeping things simple, it’s fun for the mama and daddy too.


3 thoughts on “First, first birthday party

  1. I love that first picture so much…haha! Adorable.

    So glad that Brady had a good time on his first, first birthday. 🙂 The cake is beautiful and I absolutely love all the decorations. Like I said before, it makes me kind of want a first birthday party all over again…haha!

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