Gettin’ It Done

Yesterday began my journey to let go of my preconceived notions of how each day should look; and as much as it may have stretched me a bit and shaken up my current routine, it actually went quite well.  Like I’m even more excited than before…  These baby steps I’m taking to embrace the new normal just might make a world of difference!

(Although my desire to be spontaneous may have backfired when I forgot to put the trash out this morning and then had to run down the driveway with a trash can… and in my bare feet).

While living in the moment and being more spontaneous with my day is a huge change, the biggest change is, honestly, after Brady has gone to bed.

Many moms gave the advice that I should use Brady’s nap times as an opportunity to either nap myself or get some chores done.  The only problem is that Brady never sleeps longer than an hour in the morning and then once more in the afternoon; so by the time I’ve fixed myself a snack or gotten dressed or tidied the kitchen a bit, he’s up and ready to play.

The picture below is an accurate depiction of him before – and right after – nap time… He’s go-go-go, and even the camera has a hard time keeping up!  😉

So since I’m not getting all that much done during the day (aside from giving Brady the best attention, care, and love that I possibly can), I really need to get some things done at night.  BUT then there’s the matter of energy.  Honestly, by the time Brady is tucked in his crib for the night and I’ve finally made me and Nate supper, I am exhausted!  I usually think to myself, “I really need to make a dent in all the things that need to get done.”  But then I think about all the things I need to get done, and I feel so overwhelmed that I don’t know where to start.  😉  So I crash on the couch with a book, movie, or my laptop.

BUT jump over to yesterday and today, and I did make a dent!  🙂

Here’s the plan I initiated…  I clean, tidy, or prep meals until 8pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights (after Brady has gone to bed).  If Brady goes to bed early, then I’ll have almost 2 hours to get things done.  When he goes to bed later (like he did tonight), I might end up with just an hour, but it’s amazing how much you can get done in one hour!

Last night, I sorted through our fall clothes and packed away the summer clothes.  Tonight, I prepped Brady’s meals for tomorrow (since my mom will be babysitting him all day), and I started the house-cleaning that needs to get done before piano lessons tomorrow afternoon.  It’s honestly amazing how much I was able to get done!  (The gift certificate for a Dunkies coffee that I used this afternoon probably didn’t hurt my productivity either).

Did I feel like doing chores after Brady went to bed?  No, not at first…  But once I got started, I really got into it and couldn’t believe how fast the time went.  And then I had two hours of relaxation to myself!  🙂

This gettin’ it done plan is REALLY going to work, I think!!


12 thoughts on “Gettin’ It Done

  1. I cosleep so when my baby is asleep either I’m sleeping or I’m working. (I work from home, selling makeup and also as a virtual assistant.) When she’s playing and content I’ll tackle the litter boxes or dishes, it’s amazing what I can get done so quickly that used to take me forever before!

    1. I coslept with my little guy until he was five months, so I know how that is. I think it’s a beautiful thing if it works for you (and – yes – it definitely worked for us), but it does make it tough to get things done when baby is sleeping. (It’s SO worth it though)!! 🙂
      You’re right though, it is amazing how much a mama can get done in such a short time frame. I’m really trying to utilize my time more efficiently so that I take advantage of free moments like that.
      AND it’s all a phase. I always think that this phase will be forever, but then I forget that our schedules and routines will adjust as my baby grows. So I need to embrace the moment, get what I can done, and then really just focus on what’s important – time with my baby boy. 🙂

      1. So true 🙂 this time will some day be a distant memory. 🙂 I wonder what I did with all my time, before I was a mom!! Lol!!

    1. Yes, I think so too! And then Brady will change his routine, and I’ll have to come with up with a whole new plan. 😉 Hee, hee. We moms definitely need to be flexible. But learning to be more organized and to get things done in the free moments I have will never be a bad thing!! So I DO think that it’s setting me up for an easier mommy experience. 🙂

  2. You are making me feel so guilty for not playing with Katie more! Then again, she is at the age where she tags along with me as I clean or plays by herself. Grateful for that because she doesn’t go to bed until 7:30 and by the time that’s done, it is usually 8 pm and I’m pooped. 😛

    1. I lost the second half of my comment, haha.

      Before you know it, Brady will be big enough to toddle along after you and help (er, hinder) you as you do chores! But it is awesome in its own way. I love how Katie tries to help sweep the floor, weed the garden and more. 🙂 She thinks it’s fun!

      1. Oh gosh, don’t feel guilty for one second! 🙂 I promise you that for every moment I spend playing with him, I feel guilty about something else that I’m not doing as well. Ha ha. This mommy guilt is no joke!
        We just have to remember that we’re giving our little ones all the love that they could possibly want, a warm home (even if it may be messy at times), and our best (even if sometimes we feel our best isn’t good enough). They will grow up secure, and loved, and happy. And that’s all that matters! 🙂
        (Please remind me of this when I am doubting it…). 😉
        AND you bring up a very good point! Right now, I have to watch Brady every second, because he’s in the ‘everything is going to go into my mouth’ stage. He finds absolutely every possible thing that he could accidentally swallow and choke on, so – unless he’s in his play yard – I can’t take my eyes off of him. But someday, he’ll be able to sit and play a bit on his own… and he won’t eat every little thing.
        I have to remind myself not to rush through each stage, because each comes with its own set of challenges… but also its own set of beautiful moments. 🙂

  3. I feel you! Alsea is in a stage of getting into trouble every second. The house seems like a mess all the time, but before I know it, this stage will be over. I like to set a timer for 20 min to get stuff done. Usually after 20 min I’m energized enough to finish up the rest of the undone tasks.

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