Target and Michael’s Shopping Trip Vlog

So much for posting vlogs on Wednesdays, as Tuesdays seem to be the vlog day of choice these days.  Ha, ha!

I had SO much fun making this vlog, and – despite the fact that my camera is not cooperating and isn’t taking good quality videos right now – it just might be my favorite one to date.  Gosh, when my sister and I hang out, we have a blast!  Yes, we’re a little crazy…but we have such a good time.  🙂  I couldn’t wait to share this one with all of you, and I have you have fun watching.

Happy Tuesday!!


4 thoughts on “Target and Michael’s Shopping Trip Vlog

  1. Oh no! Highstreet’s habit of eating your socks is kind of hilarious!

    I can’t believe it’s been THAT long since you had had a Starbucks latte! My gracious!

    In random news, your sister’s voice sounds so much like my friend, Heather’s! In fact, she and I hung out this past weekend and we hit up Target and Starbucks together as well, haha!

    I have not seen those mugs at Target yet! Those are so adorable. And you girls rocked that fur! I have an adorable photo of Mallory (the little girl I nanny) wearing that white fur!

    And finally, you look AMAZING! I love your whole outfit! The shirt, the pants, the boots – all of it. And I’m sure it feels so great to have your hair done as well. Beautiful, friend! 🙂

    1. Yes, I have a crazy, hilarious cat! Ha, ha. No one believes me when I say that he eats my socks… So I had to finally document it as proof. He was at it again last night and ate a hole in one of my t-shirts (thankfully an old one). I was sorting laundry and had left a pile on the floor before bed, since I didn’t have the time to finish. And he helped himself to a midnight snack of cotton… LOL!
      I know, I had MAJOR Starbucks latte withdrawels, let me tell you. Ha, ha. I’ve had their steamed soy or iced teas, but they’re just not the same. I have been dying or a latte, and it tasted SO amazing!!! 🙂
      I think that my sister and I would get along with you and Heather just fine! 🙂 We have amazing taste in stores… Hee, hee. Fun times!

    1. The funny thing is that I didn’t notice how long Sarah’s hair is until I watched the vlog! 🙂
      And SOMEDAY, we’ll do a vlog with YOU! That will be THE best vlog yet… 🙂

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