Bits O’ This and That

1.  We had our first snow today!  It was just a light flurry that melted as quickly as it had fallen; but – still – in true New Englander fashion, the children of the neighborhood ran outside to catch snowflakes on their tongue and the adults all took pics to send to their friends down south.

Honestly, I love snow until February.  Snow before February is pretty, and festive, and magical.  Snow after February?  Well, I guess I’ll share my feelings come February, when I’ll write my post entitled “Oh, Snow, How I Hate Thee!”  (There may even be a sequel entitled, “Snow in March is Depressing and Should Be Illegal.”

But still, snow in October is a bit early, so let’s hope the rest of the white stuff holds off until December at least

2.  Pumpkin, pumpkin, everywhere pumpkin!

I cannot tell a lie, I am obsessed with pumpkin spice flavored everything.  The problem, however, is that there are so many pumpkin spice options available this year that I am almost overwhelmed.  I can’t decide which foods to try and which to bypass, so I haven’t really been buying pumpkin anything.    *sheepish grin*  Somehow in my head, that has been better than only trying one or two things and then not trying all the others.  And although I realize just how crazy this sounds, trust me when I say the struggle is real.

Going forward, I’ve decided to grab one pumpkin spiced item every week when I’m grocery shopping.  (Maybe next year I’ll do an entire blog post on all the pumpkin foods I’ve tried).  But this year, I’ll probably be posting my finds via Instagram, so follow me if you aren’t already.  😉

This week’s food item was Pumpkin cereal from Trader Joe’s.  I love it!!

3.  Brady is infatuated with the cats.  He thinks their meowing and rolling around is hysterical, and he laughs in glee when they chase their toys.  They’re still a little bit hesitant around him, but I think there’s a bond growing between them.  When he cries, they come running and anxiously check on him as if to make sure he’s okay.

4.  Brady is into hats right now… And waterbottles…  And pulling cat tales… And pretty much anything he’s not supposed to be playing with.  But I love how interactive he is, and this is my favorite stage so far!  🙂

5.  So don’t laugh, but I’ve never worn lipstick other than a very safe rose color.  My lipstick shade (when I do bother to wear it) is more along the lines of one’s normal lip color with just a hint of shiny.  I’ve never worn plum, or berry, or red.  Even on my wedding day…  I drove my makeup artist crazy, because I insisted on wearing a shade called Teddy Bear (which was the warmest, safest tone she had).  But I’ve had this sudden urge to wear a fallish color this year…  Maybe it’s a mommy crisis?  I don’t know…  Whatever the cause or reason, I’ve been pretty excited about trying out a color that isn’t quite so boring safe.

So when my friend Liz hosted a Mary Kay party, I was pretty excited about the excuse to order some lipstick.  (I mean, the purchase is for a friend, right?  So I had to buy myself the lipstick, right?).  Yeah, okay, no one had to ask me twice!  🙂  I can’t wait until my order comes in, and I can try it out!!

I mean, Berry Apple lipstick today; who knows what I’ll be up to tomorrow!  😉  Exciting times!!


6.  Brady tries to mimic my facial expression sometimes, so it’s adorable to make funny faces and watch him try to make one too.

7.  If you have a cat, you will appreciate this!  It’s hilarious… but oh-so-true!

8.  I have been in love with Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang, since I was a little girl.  I can’t wait for the Peanuts movie to come out in a few weeks, and I hope it stays true to the charm of the original cartoons!

9.  I hope you have a lovely Monday!!  🙂


5 thoughts on “Bits O’ This and That

  1. Your Monday post is so cheerful! I’m excited about your lipstick too! I am always admiring other women who have the courage to wear bold shades.

    I love pumpkin spice too…particularly lattes. My friend just made a delicious fall bread–pear and hazelnut. It was amazing!

    So excited about the Peanuts movie too!!!

  2. I didn’t realize that there was a Peanuts movie! That’s going to be so cute! I hope it holds true to the original charm of Charlie Brown and his friends. 🙂

    I tried the pumpkin spice Puffins (cereal) and it was delicious! We’ve been eating it as late night snacks! 🙂

    1. Yes! I’m soooo excited about the Peanuts movie, because it looks adorable. (But I’m a little nervous too. I don’t want them to mess with Charlie Brown. Ha, ha. I hope they keep the innocence). But so far, the previews really do look SO cute!
      Ooh, I didn’t realize there were pumpkin spice Puffins. They must be delicious! I’m definitely enjoying the pumpkin O’s from Trader Joe’s!!

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