Sweater Weather Faves

Without a doubt, autumn is my favorite season.  The colors, the scents, the cozy outfits, the delicious flavors.  It’s a time of year that we express thankfulness… and eat large plates of oh-so-delicious comfort foods.  😉  (Plus pumpkin makes a comeback, and I’m allowed to indulge in pumpkin-flavored everything without coming across as weirdly obsessive).

So I was excited when Playing House nominated me to do the Sweater Weather Faves!  This kind of ‘questionnaire’ is right up my alley!!  🙂

Favorite Candle Scent: Home Sweet Home by Yankee Candle.  It smells of warm spices with a hint of sweetness, and it makes the house feel cozy on chilly afternoons.

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Coffee, coffee, coffee!  I looooove pumpkin spice latte’s, and I’m positively giddy when I find out that they’re back.  (But on the days that I’m not feeling like caffeine, I’m also a huge fan of apple cinnamon tea… and hot chocolate with a dollop of whipped cream).

What is the best fall memory you have?   Marrying my best friend!  AND giving birth to my precious baby boy!   🙂

Best Fragrance for Fall:   Honestly, I wear Daisy by Marc Jacobs all year long, because – well – it’s just what I do.

Birthday flower 012

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: My favorite Thanksgiving food is definitely the stuffing!  I usually skip the potatoes just so that I have extra room in my stomach for a second helping of stuffing.  Ha, ha!  And pumpkin pie is a close second.  Soooooo delicious!

What is autumn weather like where you live? We have a saying here in New England…  If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.  😉  We’ve had beautiful, sunny weather in the 60’s this year!  (I remember last year though, we had an insane snowstorm the day before Thanksgiving.  And a few years ago, we had a snowstorm on Halloween.  Sooooo, you never know around here)!

Most Worn Sweater: Last fall I was super pregnant, so I honestly can’t remember what fall clothes I have.  Ha, ha!!

Football games or jumping in leaf piles? FOOTBALL!!!  🙂  The hubby and I are both huge fans!  (Plus the food is amazing too, so it’s a win-win).

Favorite Type of Pie:   I can’t pick…  Right now, I could go for a slice of chocolate cream… or coconut… or lemon meringue… or pumpkin… or apple…or cherry…  Anything.  I don’t discriminate against pie.

Which makeup trend do you prefer, dark lips or winged liner?  Yeahhhhh, so I’ve never tried either.  I have a simple makeup routine that takes less than five minutes, to be honest; and I’ve never tried winged liner OR dark lips.  Recently I’ve been meaning to try a darker shade on my lips, but I’m scared to.  🙂

What song really gets you into the fall spirit?   I don’t think I have one…

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? Yesssssssssss!  Every time I see something that’s pumpkin spice flavored, I need to buy it…and then eat it.  It’s an obsession, really.  I also have a growing list of pumpkin recipes that I need to try.

Favorite Fall TV Show:   I love shows that will make me laugh; so I usually watch The Middle, Last Man Standing, The Grinder, and Modern Family.  Plus they’re only 30 minutes, so I can squeeze them in after a long day.

Skinny jeans or leggings?   I wear skinny jeans more frequently, but I love leggings just as much!

Combat boots or Uggs?   I’ve never owned a pair of combat boots or Uggs…  But I do love boots SO much!  I have a tall pair of leather boots that are my favorites, because they’re so comfortable.

Halloween – Yay or Nay? Nay.  I’ve never been a fan, because I don’t like creepy, gory things.  (You all know how much I hate zombies)!  I skip that and jump over to my favorite holiday ever: Thanksgiving.  🙂  That being said, it’s going to be hard for me to resist dressing up Brady in a costume.  He would be such a cute pumpkin!  Sooooo, he may be a pumpkin this year.

Fall mornings or evenings? These days, I’m loving the evenings!  I bundle Brady up, and I push him around the neighborhood on his little red car.  It’s a special way for me to unwind after a busy day… and he loves it too.

What do you think about Black Friday?   I get excited about Black Friday every year, but I only shop for bargain deals on clothes.  I stay clear of the crazy electronics lines.  I usually try to hit the mall around 6am, grab some stuff at half off or more, and then I’m back home by 11am.

One Fall 2015 Trend You Love:   Just one?!?  🙂  How about this moose hat?  No?  Well, then, definitely ankle boots, plaid, and skinny jeans to name a few.

I nominate anyone who wants to do this!!  (Just let me know you’re doing it, so that I can check out your answers).  🙂  Trust me, it’s soooo FUN!


8 thoughts on “Sweater Weather Faves

  1. Fun stuff! I love your answers. I bet fall in New England is just gorgeous. That just seems like THE place to be during autumn in the US. 🙂

    I may do the survey since it’s open nomination and I love these things. Haha!

    1. There really is no place like fall in New England! It’s so beautiful, colorful, and crisp… just like fall should be. 🙂 (Except for today… It was beautiful, colorful, and hot. ha, ha. We had an unseasonably warm one today).
      And I hope you will do the survey!! I can’t wait to see your answers. 🙂

  2. Sorry for the long long comment but I really wanted to do the survey! 🙂

    Favorite Candle Scent: anything vanilla or cranberry
    Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: coffee oh yes! Love pumpkin spice latte
    What is the best fall memory you have? Starting college in Oregon, some of the best times of my life
    Best Fragrance for Fall: I don’t have one but I’m loving that you wear Daisy!! I used to go to the mall just to get a tester strip and smell that one.
    Favorite Thanksgiving Food: crescent butter rolls definitely
    What is autumn weather like where you live? Well, in Salem, Oregon, it’s pretty mild up into late Nov. It’s been 75-80s here much of the days. It’s pretty annoying when I want to wear wool socks and scarves!
    Most Worn Sweater: my black and white strip one. It’s like a big blanket
    Football games or jumping in leaf piles? I hate football…just don’t get that game at all. Also leaf piles tend to have slugs in them. So…neither.
    Favorite Type of Pie: I love pie…blueberry is my favorite, but I also love a good blackberry apple.
    Which makeup trend do you prefer, dark lips or winged liner? Winged liner. I’ve been doing it a ton lately. It makes my eyes pop behind my glasses.
    What song really gets you into the fall spirit? Don’t have one
    Is pumpkin spice worth the hype? Yes, I’m very fond of pumpkin. I understand how annoying that can be to some people but I’m on the pumpkin loving side.
    Favorite Fall TV Show: Oh man…so many to choose from. My husband and I watch Gotham together and honestly it is my favorite right now. It’s a fresh show with lots of unexplored story lines.
    Skinny jeans or leggings? Skinny jeans for the win. I got a great pair of Jcpenney this year.
    Combat boots or Uggs? Neither, I’m loving my new ankle boots.
    Halloween – Yay or Nay? Nah, although we will be taking our 3 year old to the church fall fun fest this year.
    Fall mornings or evenings? Evenings. I’m such a night owl.
    What do you think about Black Friday? I never participate. I pretty much feel like no amount of savings is worth fighting off scary shoppers.
    One Fall 2015 Trend You Love: Ankle boots this year make me very happy

    1. YAY! I’m soooo glad that you did it!! I had fun reading all of your answers! 🙂
      (How did you learn how to do winged liner? Did someone show you or did you watch videos? I really need to get more adventurous with my makeup). 🙂
      And I totally forgot about blueberry pie. LOL! YUM!!

      1. I think I just read some articles on winged liner and then “winged” it. lol. Doing winged liner with black liquid liner is definitely challenging. The first time I lucked out and it just looked good, the second time I was sweating bullets trying to get it to look right.

  3. I vote yes to the moose hat! 😉 I think you could totally pull off the darker lips!

    I still find it hilarious that you LOVE fall, but have never carved a pumpkin. I mean, I’m with you on not liking Halloween all that much. It’s a good holiday to dress up in fun costumes and see all my friends babies in the cutest outfits ever, but that’s about where my enjoyment of it ends. Well, and I do like handing out candy to kids too. 🙂 But I’ve never gotten into the gory/scary parts of it. Anyway, carving/painting/drilling pumpkins is still totally part of the fun. Plus then you get to roast your own pumpkin seeds and eat them. Yum! 🙂

  4. Perhaps I need to visit New England in the Fall 🙂

    I don’t like Halloween either!

    This was fun. Odd questions you wouldn’t normally have answers for about someone. It’s cool to know interesting things about you!

    1. You would LOVE New England in the fall!!! 🙂 Early October is the best time to visit, in my opinion; because it’s not too cold yet… and it’s usually peak foliage. It’s just soooo pretty!
      So I always feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t like Halloween. Glad to hear that I’m not alone! Ha, ha!

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