New Hampshire Vacay – Day 1 Vlog

I’m sorry for the lack of blogging this week!  I fully intended to write, but then I was hit by the stomach bug on Monday night.  I’m usually pretty good at pushing through an illness and fighting past the nausea or pain, but I was knocked off my feet this time around.  Thank goodness Nate was home to help me watch Brady, because I physically didn’t have the energy to carry or play with my chunky monkey.  🙂

Sadly, I had to cancel piano lessons on Wednesday; because my house was trashed, I hadn’t prepped for lessons, and I was still recovering.  But on the positive side, we had just returned home on Monday from a mini-vacay to the White Mountains.  So I was really grateful that I hadn’t gotten sick while away!

Normally when I go on vacation, I just take pictures and then casually blog about it later on.  But this was Brady’s first time to the White Mountains, so I ended up taking a ton of videos to document the whole experience.  I captured so many precious moments, from his first experience eating in a restaurant, to his being read to sleep at night, and even to his falling asleep in our arms.  I just want to remember everything, and our time away helped me to capture many of those moments.

But I also took some clips to share with all of you!  I made two vlogs and this is the first…  It’s a bit scattered, and I talk fast, but I hope you have fun watching it anyway.  Ha, ha.  (My focus was definitely on just having fun with the hubby and baby).  🙂

Happy Friday, my friends!!


4 thoughts on “New Hampshire Vacay – Day 1 Vlog

  1. Oh girl, I hope you are feeling much better now!! Being sick is no fun!

    Oh my gracious, your packed SUV is killing me! Hilarious! Kids really do change things! And I love that he got to go to his first restaurant! Looks like he enjoyed it. 🙂

    Nate’s Zombie comment… bahahaha!

    Looks like SUCH a wonderful trip! So beautiful there! 🙂

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