Dentists and State Fairs Vlog

#1.  My Wednesday vlog is up a few hours early.  Woo hoo!  🙂

#2.  I apologize for the shaky camera at times…  I haven’t quite figured out how to film AND hold a 25 lb baby at the same time).  😉

#3  PLEASE leave a comment asking Nate to create his own vlog.  I’m trying to convince him that the people demand more Nate footage.  Ha, ha!

#4.  Have a super great day (or night, depending on when you watch this).  🙂


9 thoughts on “Dentists and State Fairs Vlog

  1. Brady’s driving is concerned… he doesn’t keep his eyes on the road! haha

    WE WANT MORE NATE! Daddy vlog? Husband vlog? Nate-Dog Vlog? Whatever it is, dooooo iiiiiit!!!!!

    Also, you’re adorable. Your smile! Your laugh! Your post-cavity-filling slurp! hahaha 😉

  2. First of all, you have very pretty teeth! I’ve never really noticed until this vlog when you were talking about your teeth so I started looking at them… they’re very pretty. #weirdcomplimentoftheday 😉

    A couple of my other friends have had this same thing happen to them! Cavities and teeth problems while pregnant/nursing! Babies take all the good stuff right out of you. 😉

    Bahaha! @ your “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you” lip sync! Love!

    I vote yes to Bacon Mac and Cheese! Yum! This whole state fair looks SO fun! I can’t believe you guys have never had corn dogs before! They’re not a favorite food of mine by any means, but they are just a classic fair food. In fact, when I go to concerts I crave them because they are always sold at outdoor concerts here. 🙂

    Um yes, more Nate vlogging. Absolutely. That’s a must.

    1. Ha, ha. Thank you for the ‘weird compliment of the day’. 😉 It’s a nice compliment, so thank you very much. 🙂
      Yes, babies do gulp down all those vitamin and nutrients! I now tell all my preggo or nursing friends to make sure they’re using fluoride, flossing well, and drinking lots of calcium. Ha, ha. “Don’t make the same mistakes I did!” Honestly, it wasn’t all that bad. 😉 I mean, it was definitely a pain, and I’m such a baby when it comes to the dentist. But I survived (ha ha) and now hopefully my teeth will be fine! 🙂
      And I think I feel the same way with corn dogs! I’m not a huge hotdog person, but in the summer, I always need one on the grill. So I can see wanting a corn dog at the fair… but never any other time.

  3. When you first said you couldn’t feel your face, I immediately thought of that song! Then you played it and I was cracking it up! I had no idea pregnancy/breast feeding could impact your oral health but I totally believe it!

    The expo you went to sounds soo cool! All the different foods and states; I would love that type of event! Also, it was neat to see Brady “live” haha. He’s just so cute! I lol’d at you guys having the mac n cheese, and you were like “Aaaand Brady is enjoying puffs” haha. I’ve never had a corn dog, so I’m glad I’m not the only one (well… maybe now I am). That butter sculpture was insane!! This was so much fun to watch 🙂

  4. This video completely made my day!!! Looks like so much fun!!!

    I’ve had a corn dog ONCE in my life…so amazing with a big ol’ squirt of mustard…haha! Did you guys do cream puffs???

    I love Brady’s face when he sees the horse!! 😀

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