Finding My Mommy Groove

One year ago today, I was 30 weeks pregnant and spending a romantic day in Boston with my hubby for our one-night babymoon.  How is that even possible?  I’m not exactly sure if it feels like forever ago or just yesterday, although I’m pretty sure that it’s a little bit of each.

When I look at this picture, I remember how much I loved that maternity outfit.  How the excitement of everything made me possibility giddy.  How nice it was to actually have time to do my makeup, nails, and hair.  😉

Awww, the memories!

I know I’ve written my share of blog posts that admit to just how hard the mommy life is… although I always reiterate that every moment is worth it (because it totally is).  So after this past week, I knew that I HAD to blog, because it was SUCH a great week!!

I didn’t even realize it was happening until it had – well – happened.  Normally around 3pm, I start to feel really tired from the day, and I anxiously look at the clock and wonder how I’m going to entertain my little bundle of energy for a few more hours.  (He used to go to bed promptly at 6pm, but around 8 months he decided that he was a big boy in need of a much later bedtime schedule.  Hello, 8pm!).  This past week or so, however, I’d look at the clock and it’d already be dinnertime!

Wait, where did the day go?

I’d fix Brady his supper, and then we’d go for a little walk around the neighborhood.  (I love that the nights are getting cooler and the sun is less intense so that we can do that… without being attacked by bugs).  I also love how alert and observant Brady is, as he sits up straight in his carriage and shouts out ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’ at everything he sees.  (‘Mama’ was his first word ever, but ‘Dada’ seems to be his favorite as he says it all day long).  😉  Once we’re home from our little walk, it’s bathtime, jammies, and then quiet play in the living room before bed.

The living room play is my favorite.  Most nights, I just lie on the floor, and Brady crawls all over me.  He has this hysterical, contagious laugh that cracks me up every time.  Gone are the days when I’d wonder how to entertain him.  We play together now… and it’s so much fun.

He’s also obsessed with picture books, which is fun.  Just a month ago, he wouldn’t sit still on my lap for anything.  But he seems to be settling down a bit, and I find him sitting comfortably on my lap a bit more these days.  I soak up those precious snuggles, and they melt my heart.

Tonight, when it was time for him to go to bed, I realized that I was going to miss him until I saw his smiling face again in the morning.

I know that I can’t get too used to this phase, because I’ll blink and then everything will change again.  😉  You have to be flexible when you’re a mom; because your little one’s needs, wants, and routines will change just as quickly as they do.

But I’m in love with this phase right now.  Yes, there are tough moments.  (Just last night, I barely got any sleep, because he was teething so badly).  And I’m sure that I’ll feel like crying from exhaustion or frustration in the next day or so.  😉  But lately, we’ve had mostly good moments.  We seem to be settling into a groove that feels normal, and right, and familiar.

I love it!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Finding My Mommy Groove

  1. What a beautiful post!! And you look positively radiant in that first picture. Hard to believe that only a year ago, you and Nate were planning for Baby B. 😀 I love seeing how much Brady changes every time I see him, and how much he learns. He’s so observant of everything around him…love you Mr Brady!

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