Project Bedroom

So before I dive into today’s blog post, I wanted to share an idea I had for a weekend segment.  As you already know, I don’t blog over the weekends…  But on Saturdays, I thought it might be fun to post oldie-but-goodie posts from the blog I had previous to ‘Just Live It.’  There’d be one flash-back post every week, and I’d just post my favorites…  I was looking over that blog the other day, and – man – there were some good times / stories shared on those pages.  🙂  It’s rather interesting, because I think my writing style has actually changed a bit over the years.

Thoughts on that idea?

Okay, now moving on…  🙂

Over the past few years, Nate and I have almost finished the first floor rooms of our home (although there are still some bare walls that need wall hangings, and the flooring will need to be replaced eventually).  And the upstairs is basically finished as well, although the spare bedroom is more of a junk room right now.  But the one room that keeps getting overlooked is our bedroom.  (This is an old picture, as you can see my preggo body pillow on top of the bed.  Ha, ha).  🙂

I suppose that’s pretty typical, since it’s the one room in the house that guests don’t see.  So most people tend to overlook that – as we have done – and instead focus on the rooms that are more visible to the public eye.  Here’s the thing though…  It’s also the room that you escape into after a busy, stressful day.  Or the room where you relax after a particularly wonderful one.

It’s where you unwind.  It’s where you start your day.  And when you’re a mom and dad, it’s your sanctuary where you – sometimes – can be alone.  🙂

Now that we have Brady, I have this intense desire to finish the bedroom and to make it calming and soothing.  I want it to be a special place for me and Nate to call our own.  We did paint the walls a lovely blue; and the furniture – although very cheap – serves the purpose and looks rather nice, considering how little we paid for it.  But we definitely need to add some feminine touches to this bare-bones room.

SO I’ve decided to make the bedroom my pet project, and I’m going to give myself the next year to complete it.  I’m going to try to add something every month or so, and I thought I’d blog about my progress.  🙂  We need everything from curtains, to lamps, to wall décor, to a new bedspread, to a few knickknacks.  (Nate and I are both very minimalistic in our decorating styles, so a little bit will go a long way).

I haven’t yet come up with a theme, because I can’t decide on basic earth-tones or a beach inspired look.  And should I incorporate my love of stripes somehow?  🙂  Should I add browns, navy blue, or a mix of both?  Only time will tell, I suppose!  I’m hoping that it will come to me, as I’m bargain shopping at Home Goods, Target, and TJ Maxx.  🙂   But for now, here are some inspirational boards and ideas that I’ve been looking at!

I love these white light letters that are all the rage right now.  I’m not yet sure how I’m going to incorporate them into our bedroom, but I just know that I love the idea.  It’s trendy and cozy!

White 46 W 20 H  5 cm D 121.:


I love this bedspread (obviously), and I’ve always wanted this particular saying in our bedroom.  So this picture is great inspiration for me, except I’d definitely add a ton of fun throw pillows to the bed and different accents on the nightstands.  😉

ALWAYS KISS ME GOODNIGHT Quote Vinyl Wall Decal Decor Sticker Art DIY Removable:


Nothing stresses me out quite like curtain shopping…  But what about this simple style?

Chic chevron:


Of course, if I did decide to go beach-themed, there is just SO much that I could do on a budget!

Like it:


Let the brainstorming and bargain hunting begin!!  🙂

When you decorate, do you tackle one room at a time?  Or do you pick up bits and pieces here and there?


8 thoughts on “Project Bedroom

  1. Love the bedspread, but if you do that, maybe a more neutral curtain? Could get really overpowering with the big dark strips and the dark chevron (but might be okay with a big room). I love the beach I accents. Looks like you’ve got a great vision!

    1. YES! I totally should have mentioned that I would do a patterned bedspread ‘if’ the curtains were solid. (Although knowing me, I might get carried away and do both with stripes… and then my friends would hold an intervention). LOL!
      I think maybe I’ll try to find a bedspread first… and then I’ll buy the curtains based off of whether I go solid or not.
      Good call on that! Too much busyness would definitely ruin my goal of making the room a soothing getaway.

    1. Yes, I know! I saw that striped bedspread, and I thought, “Awwww, I must have it!” LOL! But I’ve had a hard time finding one that I like… or that’s as pretty as the one in the picture. So if I can’t find one, I’ll probably go solid and then go with striped or chevron curtains. BUT I’m on the lookout! The nice thing with giving myself a year is that I don’t have to rush, and I can just browse and slowly find the perfect pieces. 🙂

  2. Cocoa + blue is one of my favorite color combos… so I vote to add in brown! I know exactly what you mean about the bedroom being ignored! I have done a lot of decorating in our living room, but not too much in our bedroom, though it has been a goal of mine for quite some time! I got a comforter for our bed (we were sleeping under Jimmy’s black comforter… It felt so bachelor-ish to me!), so we agreed on a red and tan theme in our room! I also bought a parsons sitting chair (at Kirkland’s) and wanted to create a sitting area…. but Lola’s crate has taken over that area, haha. Anyways. All that to say, I feel ya on the bedroom projects! It’s fun to imagine a room, especially the master bedroom. Like you said, it should be your sanctuary within the house, and you deserve a nice bedroom! I can’t wait to see how you decorate it over the next year! Also, love the weekend post idea 🙂

    P.S. Stripes forever!!! They’re the best! Chevron is awesome, too 🙂

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