I Like to Move It…sometimes

In my mind, I’m still the girl who could run five miles after dinner and still have energy to go for a leisurely walk with the family.  I’m still the girl who could hike a mountain with ease, or who would run three miles in the rain just to get a workout in, or who fit into the cutest pair of skinny jeans.

That’s how I still feel sometimes… until I try moving my body like I used to.  Then I kind of just feel like Brady stuck at the very bottom of the staircase.

There are so many excuses and reasons for this, everything from sport’s injuries to laziness.  For the past five years, I haven’t had a very good workout regimen, or at least not as good as I used to have.  And while I lost the weight gain quickly after having Brady, I actually put weight back on over the past 9 months during my breastfeeding journey.  (But we’ll talk more about that on a Mommy Monday post). 😉

Needless to say, according to the doctor’s scale during a routine appointment (since I don’t bother to step on a scale here at home), I’m about 20 pounds heavier than my usual, ideal weight.  Bleh.  Honestly, the number doesn’t bother me as much as the not fitting into any of my clothes does.  😉  And the lack of exercise and healthy eating has really put a damper on my energy levels.

I’m excited to feel healthy and strong again!!  🙂  That is the real reason for my motivation to start eating healthier and to begin working out more.  I need the energy to keep up with Brady and to be the best mom that I can be.  (And if I once again fit into my favorite pair of jeans in the process? Well, it’s just a win- win situation)!  I’m not going to shoot for a certain weight goal, but instead I plan to focus on making positive changes that will ultimately affect the extra weight I put on.

I’m more of a healthy lifestyle type of girl, as apposed to a diet chic.  Diets don’t usually work…  But that being said, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually set out to lose a bit of weight, as apposed to maintain.  So I’m currently in the process of coming up with a game plan, and I’ll keep you posted during occasional Fitness Friday posts!  🙂

What’s your favorite health or weight loss tip?


9 thoughts on “I Like to Move It…sometimes

    1. YES, I am totally not up for diet fads. Celery? Hmmm, I’ll only eat it if it’s in chicken salad with lots of mayo. 😉
      I definitely believe in just making healthier food choices (and watching portions), while also upping the workouts. Wherever my weight lands, I’ll be happy with that, because I know that I’ll be feeling healthier. It really is about lifestyle choices, because only then will it last…
      Thank you for the encouragement!! 🙂

  1. Hey Nicole! It sounds like you definitely have the right mindset! My biggest tip has to do with shutting down cravings. I tell myself I can have the thing… if I wait 10 minutes. By the time 10 minutes has passed, I almost always forget 🙂

    1. I love that tip, and I bet it works!! I’m definitely going to incorporate that into my healthier lifestyle choices (especially since I’m dealing with plenty of unhealthy cravings right now). 😉 I think that I also often mistake hunger for thirst, so I’ll probably drink a cup of water during that 10 minutes.
      Thank you for sharing!!

  2. I am 8 months post pregnancy and I put on a pair of my old jeans that I bought when I first got pregnant. Well with a little jiggle and a dance, I got them pulled up. When I buttoned them though, I looked like a can of busted biscuits. I had a muffin top that didn’t quite cook all the way. The only thing that I can advise is to remember that our bodies will never look the way they used to, but maybe we can be happy with our babies’ first home anyway!

    1. YES, thank you for that reminder!! I’ve already given myself a mental pep talk that it’s okay if my favorite jeans don’t fit, in the end. (Hey, it’s an excuse to go shopping for a new pair, am I right?!?). 🙂 I definitely want this ‘diet’ and ‘weight loss journey’ to be more about how I feel. I want to feel healthy and strong again, and I know that my lack of working out and eating junk food has contributed to that. So I’m definitely hoping to embrace a healthier lifestyle… and to then embrace my body, wherever my weight may land.

  3. Rome wasn’t built in a day, my friend 🙂

    Keep us posted if you don’t mind! My personal trainer and I just switched things up because I wasn’t getting the results I was hoping for. I’m with you on this!

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