A Brady Tale

He already has a guilty face…  A face that he makes when he’s about to do something that he knows Mommy won’t approve of.  It’s this adorable, lip-pouty expression that makes me laugh just as I’m trying to tell him ‘no’.  All I can do is scoop him up, covering his chubby face in kisses and momentarily distracting him from his original course of action.

He’s as curious as they come, determined to feel and taste every little thing that surrounds him.  He’s captivated by every texture, color, sensation, and flavor.  Every tiny little detail is new and exciting, just waiting to be explored by his dimpled fingers. 

Each new milestone causes him to laugh with such giddiness that I sometimes wonder if he understands just how big of a deal it really is.  The first time he crawled -correctly – for the first time?  He inched his way across the living room floor and laughed hysterically, giving himself the hiccups.  I’d never seen such happiness before now.

That kind of happiness is contagious and leaves you realizing that there really is so much good left in this world.  Still so much to be thankful for and celebrated.  It makes you kind of forget about the silly things you sometimes worry about.

He lives for this very moment…  Sees the excitement and beauty in this very moment…  And he greets everyone he meets with the brightest of smiles.

I know that I’m his mommy and that I’m here to help raise him.  But still… Each and every day, I learn from him.  🙂

I planned to share current happenings on Thursday blog posts, but – today – I just wanted to share about him…  I guess it’s only fair, as he is my whole world.  🙂



8 thoughts on “A Brady Tale

  1. I can’t even deal. Nicole, Brady is so stinkin’ cute!!! He has the sweetest little smile, and it really sounds like his personality is so much fun! I can understand why he’s your whole world 🙂

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