Sleep, Feisty Moms, and Tuesdays

Whoever said that ‘sleep is overrated’ was apparently never a college student.  Or a volunteer who doesn’t know how to say ‘no’.  Or a mom.  Because sleep isn’t overrated… at all.  I mean, out of all the things in this world that could be considered overrated, trust me when I say that sleep is not one of them.  I’m pretty sure that kale maybe is overrated.  Or even video games.  (Yes, yes, I’m pretty sure that video games are).

But sleep?

Lack of sleep does things to a person.  Bad things!

I guess being a mom, in general, makes a woman a little more feisty; as momma bear is always there, ready to protect her baby cub if needed.  But when you add lack of sleep to the mix, feisty is taken to a whole new level.  I’m not even sure if ‘feisty’ is an accurate word at this point, but it sounds so less vicious than ‘murderous’.


Case in point..

Nate and I were walking around a campground just a few weekends ago, as we usually do on Sunday afternoons, when we noticed a group of about 7 adults walking in our direction.  Now the adults, some who were on the rather large side, were walking side by side, completely taking up the width of the paved road.  Seeing them approach, and noticing that they weren’t giving any indication of moving over, Nate began to slowly inch closer and closer to the edge, until the baby carriage (with Brady in it) was practically falling off the pavement.

But still, the line of ‘adults’ coming towards us didn’t budge.  They were looking straight at us, so they obviously saw us.  But they continued to talk, and laugh, and to take up the entire roadway!

Now let me preface this by saying that I had slept about four hours the night before.  So I was already cranky with a side of rage.  But then I saw Nate pushing our baby off the pavement and onto the bumpy dirt, because it was apparent that these people were not going to move for us (even though we had kept inching closer and closer together and off to the side).



So I made a decision that I wasn’t going to move.  I had already moved over to the very edge, and I saw that the man coming towards me was going to hit me.  But I refused to move off of the street.

At the very last second, just as we were about to collide head on, the man (who was much taller and bigger than I am, I might add) moved his shoulders ever so slightly.  So we brushed arms instead of collided.

I took two more steps, then I whirled around, threw my hands in the air, and I exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, can you not move over?!?”

Now I’m pretty sure that I could hear Nate swallow and his jaw hit the ground.  And I did catch sight of his eyes pop open wider than I’ve ever seen them.  But I wasn’t going to back down.

All seven of those adults paused, turned to face me, and I continued, just as adamantly, “Well, look at how wide this street is!”

We were ‘saved’ from further banter, because a truck came up behind them, forcing them to all move over.  And in that time, Nate ushered me forward, and we continued on our walk.

Now was I in the wrong?  Maybe so, maybe not.  I did freak out my poor husband who thought that he was going to have to disband a fight.  But wow, was that out of character for me!  I usually avoid conflict at all costs!

Sleep depravation, my friends!  It’s scary stuff!

It can also be hilarious.  I’ve always appreciated humor anyway, but everything is ten times funnier when you haven’t had enough sleep.

Like the other night, this conversation happened:

Nate, after climbing into bed: “We really need to change the sheets tomorrow… There’s a strange white powder on my side of the bed.”
Me: “Oops, that’s flour.”
Nate: “Flour?!?”
Me, shrugging apologetically, “I let Brady play with flour today as a sensory game.”
Nate: “You let Brady play with flour in our bed?”

Me: “No, but I had to put him down while grabbing him clean clothes…and I might have placed him on your side of the bed for a moment.”

It was dark in the room, but I could see Nate’s wide eyes by the glow of his laptop.  And it struck me how hilarious it was that we were having a discussion about flour in our bed.  During the discussion, I had been changing into my pajamas, but I never made it further than putting on one pant leg.  I lost it!  I started to laugh so hard that I fell over and clutched the side of the bed, and I just lay there cry-laughing hysterically and gasping for air.

I cry-laughed the entire time I wrote a post for Facebook (because such conversations are too good not to share).  And for the next few hours, Nate would wake up to the sound of me randomly bursting into laughter, just because I’d think about it and die of laughter all over again.

See, like I said!  Everything is just ten times funnier when you haven’t had enough sleep.

On a less positive note, lack of sleep can really tamper with your outlook on things.  It can make you less emotionally available.  And it can put a burden on your marriage, because you’re suddenly too tired for the things that you both once loved.  It doesn’t mean that it’s forever or the end!  It just means that things are tougher for now…

So on random Tuesdays, in addition to sharing a home fix-it project that I’ll be working on and my book club’s book choice, I hope to blog about me and Nate’s date nights (we really want to make going out once a month a priority) and our wonderful, fun, always-worth-it-but-sometimes-a-lot-of-work marriage journey together.  🙂

(I bought Brady ‘9 month celebration’ balloons, because I couldn’t wait until he was a year.  😉  He loved them)!



6 thoughts on “Sleep, Feisty Moms, and Tuesdays

    1. It definitely annoys me too… but I’m never brave enough to do anything about it. Maybe more of us need to stand up and say, “Please be polite and move over a bit!” LOL!

  1. YES! Video games are totally overrated.

    I totally support you calling those walkers out. It was rude of them!

    And I’m ready to read every single word you share with us about marriage and family life. I need all the help I can get and you guys are such a great example of love and respect.

    Hugs! ❤

  2. Oh my gracious, that’s terrible! I can’t believe they were so unaware and selfish! I’m pretty nonconfrontational, but I get grumpy without sleep (you know, when I have 6 hours instead of 8), so I can only imagine how grumpy I’d be with I-have-a-baby-who-keeps-me-up-all-night. 😉 No judgement here! And it’s probably good for them to have a little wake up call.

    Also, your funny stories on Facebook have been cracking me up. The flour one was definitely a good one!

    I look forward to hearing about you guys’ date nights! That’s so important!

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