Mommy Mondays

Someone once asked me what I thought was the scariest thing possible.  I replied, quite promptly, “Jumping out of a plane with a zombie attached to my back.”

Their eyes widened a bit at my answer… before they promptly burst into laughter.  But I was quite serious, thank you very much.  I have always been terrified of heights (particularly of falling from heights), so the very thought of jumping out of a plane gives me the shivers.  And zombies?  Well, is an explanation necessary?

Terrifying, am I right?

Being a mom can be terrifying too sometimes…  Like when your baby is learning to crawl, and you’re scared that he might fall and bump his head.  Or when he refuses to sleep, and you worry that he’s not getting the rest that he needs…  Or when he’s starting out on solid foods, and he decides to squeeze a handful of dry cereal into his mouth instead of just one piece.  (Nate caught that one on camera).  😉

But mostly, it’s good.  A warm, content, exhausting kind of good.

I don’t necessarily want to turn my little corner of the internet into a mommy blog; but there are just so many mommy stories, lessons, and experiences to share.  So I thought I’d start a little segment called Mommy Mondays.  It’s when you can expect honest and real stories of the mommy life.

I’m kind of excited about it  🙂


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