Mommy’s Night Out – Paint Night!

Art has never been my strong suit.  In fact, I’m quite bad at it…  I’m still stuck somewhere between stick figures and puffy paint; and although I can appreciate a beautiful painting or sculpture, my personal ‘artwork’ generally resembles that of a six year old.  Actually, scratch that.  I have nothing on a six year old.

My artistic side is more musical based, although I love doing crafty / colorful things.  Painting canvas, doodling, playing with glitter, and molding clay is all therapeutic.  It’s just looking at my finished product that usually stresses me out.  😉

(For the record, I was just pretending to paint that picture…  I wish I had the talent to actually do so).  🙂

That being said, I was more than excited when my friend Ann asked me to join her at a Paint Night event.  I have always wanted to try this out!  Basically, a painter instructs the class on how to paint shapes on a canvas until everyone has a finished ‘masterpiece’.

Also it sounded like the perfect mommy’s night out!!  My days have been filled with toy cars, pureed sweet potatoes, and lots of baby giggles.  All wonderful things, but oh how lovely it felt to dress up a bit and to go out to have some fun.  🙂

The gallery was pretty exciting, as it was filled with paintings from previous classes.  Aprons lined one of the walls…  There were specks of paint flickered everywhere…  It was all very inspiring!

I found the first portion of the evening to be the most challenging, because we had to gradually blend solid black into a soft white.  But still, it was surprisingly doable thanks to the instructor’s guidance!

After the shading was complete, we had to paint a moon, the silhouette of a tree, and cherry blossoms.

I struggled a bit with the tree trunk, because I think I was trying too hard to copy the instructor when I should have really concentrated on my own canvas.

That being said, considering how little artistic talent I have, I was excited about the end result!  (And Ann did an amazing job)!

What a fun mommy’s night out!!  I definitely recommend doing one of these paint nights if there’s the option in your area.  They’re a blast!


7 thoughts on “Mommy’s Night Out – Paint Night!

  1. Your painting looks fantastic! I am not artistic either, but I’ve done three Design by Wine paints and I have loved each one. They really do make it easy to come out with a nice painting and I think it’s a great way to spend some time relaxing with friends. I’m glad you enjoyed your night out!

  2. Your painting looks fantastic! I know exactly what you mean about loving being creative and crafty, but thinking your own work is just okay. I feel that way all the time. I keep painting, crafting, etc. because like you, it makes me feel great while I’m doing it! I’m so happy your were able to have a fun time out and about!

  3. Thanks for sharing your steps because everyone always shows the end result and I’m like “what how huh wha?”

    What do you think is next for your painting career? 😉

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