Be Back Soon!


My name is Nicole.

I blog… sometimes. 😉

I’m soooo sorry that I’ve been missing from this blog so much as of late!  I was so tired and stretched thin from the amazingness that is mommy life that blogging felt more like a chore than a fun thing (like it’s supposed to).  So – as of late – during the moments that I had free time, I really just tried to unplug a bit.  (Gosh, unplugging from all the electronics that take up our world really does feel so nice sometimes)!!  🙂

But I’ve missed blogging SO much!  I mean, it’s been so long that Brady is driving now!


Anyway, I wanted to send out a ‘hello’, and to let you know that I’m still here.  I’m taking one more week… and I plan to start blogging next week.  I can feel the blogging itch picking back up, and I’m raring to go!!

I hope you’re all doing well.


4 thoughts on “Be Back Soon!

  1. Oh my goodness, I thought this was a goodbye announcement at first. I’m so glad it’s not! I mean, I would understand if you needed to stop blogging, but I would be sad to see you go. No pressure of course if you decide that you need to stop blogging. I know I can still keep up with you via Facebook/email. I just love your blog! 🙂

  2. Don’t force it! We all love hearing from you, but blogging is a hobby and hobbies are the most fun when you only do them when you feel like it😊 Just enjoy!

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