When Miracles Come True (part 1)

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now, then you already know the story, but – as I have many new readers – I thought I’d begin this blog post with a bit of a recap…

Three years ago, my husband (who worked as a Corrections Officer) was brutally stabbed in the back of the neck while making his rounds through the prison block he was assigned to.  The inmate had jumped him from behind, and the makeshift knife sliced through the back of Nate’s neck, almost coming out the front.  The shank missed his spinal chord by half a centimeter.

At the hospital, I was told that Nate would very likely be a quadriplegic for the rest of his life.


This pic was taken a month later…

Quite frankly, doctors couldn’t explain how quickly Nate recovered.

The second day in the ICU, Nate was vomiting, failing to breathe at times, panicking over the traque tube in his throat, and choking up blood.  By day four, doctors were talking about rehab hospitals.  By day six, he was released home and the rehab hospital stay was canceled.

My pastor always likes to remind people that he wasn’t the first person to use the ‘M’ word.  😉  The surgeon, after operating on Nate for seven hours, had walked into the ICU waiting room, looked me in the eyes, and said, “Your husband is a miracle.”

Those first few months at home were still tough.  I’d always been queasy around blood and oozing bandages, and suddenly I found myself cleaning his feeding tube and bandages.  It took Nate time to gain his strength…  And there were health scares and visits to the ER on an almost weekly basis. But honestly, as exhausted as we both were, I think we were much more focused on the miracles.  We were spinning with the joy of realizing that not only was Nate alive; but he was also hobbling around, talking, and beginning to eat solid foods on his own.

Since that day though, our lives have never been the same.  Some of the aftermath has been tough…  Nate is still on disability pay, and the State is just now deciding what’s going to happen in terms of his job.  (I’ll blog more on that another time).  And his left leg is permanently numb, so he can’t do some of the activities that used to be really important to him.  (Funny how you take things for granted…  Had I known that my jog with Nate in June 2012 would be the last time we could run together, I would have treasured it so much more).  But it’s one of those things…  It’s tough for a man to be limited physically, but – at the same time – how can you complain when the original verdict was so much worse?

Our focus was always on the positive…  On the miracles…  On the hope of a bright new future!  But then, a doctor’s appointment in 2013 left us feeling defeated…

(to be continued…)


8 thoughts on “When Miracles Come True (part 1)

  1. How frightening that must have been! I can’t even imagine. How amazing that your husband had such a miraculous recovery, too. I’m eager to hear more!

    1. Yes, my husband is definitely a walking miracle! It was SUCH a scary experience, but – at the same time – a lot of good came of it, in the end. Obviously I wish it had never happened, but I definitely became a stronger, better person because of it.

    1. My hubby is SUCH a strong man, and I’m definitely proud of him. 🙂 When he was stabbed, with the knife still in the back of his neck, he dragged himself over to a female officer who was being assaulted (just after his attack), and he tried to help her! Because of his bravery, we were flown all over the country (including Vegas, twice), and he was awarded several medals of bravery, honor, and valor. 🙂

  2. You two are incredible people, and your families as well. I admire you, Nicole! You guys deserve all the good things life can possibly bring you.

    Hugs ❤

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