Brady’s first Vacay

I was more than a little terrified about this year’s family vacation, only because – well – we actually have a little family now. It’s not just me and Nate anymore. Gone are the days of throwing a couple of outfits into a suitcase and then taking off for the airport or a road trip. Because apparently, as tiny as babies are, they require a ton of stuff. I mean, I tried to teach baby Brady the art of packing light; but he insisted that he needed his bottles, two blankets, outfit changes, diapers, toys, and lots of fruit’n veggie snacks. πŸ˜‰

So needless to say, the Jeep was quite full, when we left on our two night get-away.

In the past, we’ve always gone away for a week,Β but we felt as though we shouldn’t spend the money this year. And this was our first time going away with a baby. We felt that two nights was the perfect blend of getting away and not overdoing it, in case things didn’t go very well.

The approximately 3 hour drive to Cape Cod went surprisingly well… Brady slept two hours, we stopped to feed him a bottle when he woke up, and then I hopped in the backseat and played with him for the very last portion of the trip. By the time that he’d had enough of sitting in his carseat, we pulled into the Mariner Motor Lodge.

Vacationing with a baby is much different than going away without one, kind of like the packing proved to be. BUT that being said, it was amazing. Absolutely a blast, crazy fun, and I can’t believe I worried about it.

Normally Nate and I go a little crazy in the we-have-to-see-everything department, and that wasn’t an option for us this time. Brady has specific meal times, and heaven forbid we miss one of his naps. So our 2015 vacation was actually relaxing and restful, just as vacations should be. πŸ™‚

On the drive down, we stopped for lunch in the beautiful town of Falmouth. I instantly fell in love with the shops (particularly the children’s bookstore, where we bought Brady a few books) and a quaint French cafe, where I ordered a mozzarella, tomato, and basil sandwich on crusty bread. Soooo delicious!

We grabbed our sandwiches and ate across the street in a lovely park. Brady had fun rolling around on the beach towels and playing with his toes, while Nate and I chatted. My heart just warmed with complete happiness!

The rest of our little getaway was honestly just as amazing.

We stuck to outdoor dining, which is hardly in short supply around the Cape. It just worked best for us, since Brady is a very energetic – and sometimes loud – seven month old. πŸ˜‰ I’d sit him on the picnic table, and he’d play while Nate and I ate.

And activities were obviously all baby friendly…

Our motel had a small mini-golf course in the back, which we had access to play for free. Nate and I took turns handing Brady back and forth while the other person took their turn. The little guy thought it was hilarious fun until he fell asleep in my arms, at which point I forfeited the rest of my turns so that he could nap. πŸ˜‰

We also had to hit the gorgeous Cape Cod beaches while we were there! I try to keep Brady out of direct sunlight for the most part, because I’m terrified of him getting burnt. But since he’s an early riser anyway, we made our way to the beach for 7am and ate breakfast to the sound of crashing waves. (Bagels and cream cheese for me and Nate; oatmeal for Brady). It was Brady’s first time at the ocean, and he absolutely loved it! He wiggled his chubby toes in the sand, laughed at seagulls, and splashed in the water.

He also had his first ‘swim’ in the pool. I just splashed his legs in the water, but – still – he thought it was the greatest.

Because our days started early, they ended early too.Β  We’d grab dinner and head back to the hotel for quiet time in the room.Β  Both nights, Brady would play in the bed with his toys and then fall asleep by 6pm!Β  So Nate and I were able to read or quietly watch TV.

So, yes, our first vacation as a family was definitely aΒ success!Β  πŸ™‚Β  I can’t wait for many more!!


8 thoughts on “Brady’s first Vacay

  1. aww so fun! He is such a cutie–love his rolls! We are taking a 4 day family vacay in September for the first time as a family of 4. I’m a little nervous but hoping it will go smoothly.

    1. I would be nervous too! It’s amazing how a little baby can change things so much and add a whole new level of responsibility to a mommy’s packing needs. πŸ™‚ But I’m sure it will go great! Sometimes, it’s just so nice to get away!!

  2. Are those stackable rings originally yours when you were a baby?

    You got so many good photos of your first real family vacation! YAY! What a success!

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