Oh Say Can You See…

I was really looking forward to July 4, 2015, although – honestly – looking forward to Independence Day is pretty typical for me. I love any reason to celebrate, whether it be a holiday or a birthday. I’m excited for any excuse to indulge in some of my favorite foods. 😉 Nothing makes me happier than time spent with my loud, bubbly, hilarious, and maybe-just-a-little-bit-crazy family.

And I’m patriotic through and through!

But there was something even more exciting this year, as Nate and I have a new addition to our family; and baby Brady was celebrating his very first July 4th. Celebrating Brady’s first anything is special in ways I don’t necessarily know how to put into words. It’s like experiencing every single holiday, season, food, and activity for the very first time. And since Brady was only a day old for Thanksgiving and a month old for Christmas, this felt like the first holiday that he was big enough to really be a part of.

This made going into Target particularly dangerous for me, I might add. A quick trip to pick up cat food turned into a stop by the baby section. This is where I discovered the baby sunglasses… the red, white, and blue top with the matching red shorts… and the perfect patriotic bucket hat. I purchased them all with Brady’s well-being in mind, or at least that’s what I told Nate. Sunglasses to protect baby eyes and a bucket hat to keep the sun from glaring down on his head and neck. Besides, I’m really good at buying discounted clothes or accepting hand-me-downs for Brady’s outfits, so surely a special holiday called for a special outfit from his mommy.

Too bad that it ended up being cloudy on July 4th. Because I totally would have invested in a red, white, and blue umbrella too, had I known. 😉

Anyway, the day was as special as I could have hoped. The cookout was at my parent’s house; and my sister, cousin, and Pepere were also there. (The gathering was small this year, but it was still nice to see the people who were able to make it).

And the food was traditional BBQ fair. Hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, tossed green salad, corn on the cob, watermelon… and vanilla buttercream cupcakes baked / decorated by moi! 🙂

Sooo much deliciousness…

At the end of a long, but satisfyingly perfect day, Nate and I were just opening up our books to read when the fireworks began.

Every year, one of the houses located on a hill behind our home sets off fireworks. I’m talking a full, 20-minute firework display. Although we can’t see it from the backyard, thanks to the tree-line, we usually get to watch it from one of the upstairs rooms.

Poor Brady woke up to the sound of ‘bombs bursting in air’, and he began to scream in pure terror. When I couldn’t soothe him, due to the explosions sounding off just over the house, I tried one last idea and opened his bedroom blinds so that he could see the colors cascading through the sky.

His screams instantly quieted, and his jaw dropped. His eyes widened. And he stared mesmerized at the bright, sparkling colors.

Nate, Brady, and I sat there together in the dark bedroom and watched the remaining fireworks. Every once in awhile, he would sigh deeply, reach out a little hand to take mine, and then look at me as if to say, “Do you see the pretty colors, Mommy? Do you see them?”

I melted every time.

The moment hadn’t been planned… or photographed. But it was beautiful and memorable. And it will definitely go down as one of my favorite July 4th memories. 🙂

The entire day was perfect like that. Simple but magical at the same time.


7 thoughts on “Oh Say Can You See…

  1. The most adorable 4th of July baby photos! Brady is a model!

    He obviously thinks you were in charge of the mesmerizing fireworks. Leave it to his super cool mama!

  2. I’m so glad that seeing the fireworks helped him! So many of my friends’ kids freak out at them even when they can see them. Loud noises, man. Anyway, I LOVE the description of that evening. What a beautiful memory for your little family. So precious. 🙂

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