It’s Friday!

Nate and I went on a wonderful date together the other day, BUT – alas – I lost my point and shoot camera in the process.  So no fun pictures of us modeling 3D movie glasses and eating Panera.  😉  I’m thinking that it has to be around here somewhere, but I just can’t seem to find it.  And knowing me these days, it could be anywhere.  Thank goodness I hadn’t yet gotten rid of my old camera…  It’s frustrating because it gets jammed and not all the features work.  But at this point, it’s a camera!  Ha, ha!!

So I shall be busy combing my house and looking for it…  I shall also be preparing for three Father’s Day celebrations this weekend, along with packing for a mini-getaway.

So if I don’t blog much, that’s why.  😉  But I’ll be back soon and will catch you all up!!

What are YOU up to this weekend??


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