32 Candles

I turn 32 years old today.  🙂

Apparently, I am still immune to the usual aversion that many adults have in regards to birthdays.

I was as excited as always to celebrate an early birthday dinner with my family (which is the present I ask for every year). I guess maybe pizza had a little something to do with that excitement too. 😉 After having given up dairy for over five months, having my first slice of pizza was a pretty big deal.

But enough about pizza…


You know, there’s a whole lot of products out there meant to help us hide just how many birthdays we’ve had. Creams to diminish wrinkles… Dye to hide grays… Spanx to pack in the lumps and bumps.

But now more than ever, I’m realizing just how much of a blessing those wrinkles, grays, and love handles really are; because – well – not everyone gets to live long enough to have them.  I mean, I’ve always embraced life and tried to appreciate every single day. Over the past couple of months though, I feel as though life has become that much more precious to me.

There’s so much hurt in this world, and that hurt really carried over into people I know and care about. There was a suicide… A suicide attempt… And then, very recently, a very dear friend was diagnosed with stage four cancer.

It shocked me. Shook up the world I knew. And it reminded me that every single day is an opportunity for me to show love to those around me. It’s an opportunity to reach out a hand to those in need. And it was a reminder that every…single…day… is precious and should be treasured.

Every morning, I greet baby Brady with a bright smile, and I ask, “What adventures are you going to have today?”

Because I want him to grow up viewing life as an adventure. I don’t want him to live for the weekend, or vacation, or for the next big thing to happen. I want him to cherish and experience every day. I want him to just live it. 🙂 So while we might not be working on colors, letters, or counting quite yet; I’m already trying to teach him that.

So all that to say, as usual, I was excited to see my birthday come around; and I plan to celebrate it with as much gusto as ever. The family and I enjoyed our pizza party the other day…

Nicole LeBlanc Beauvais's photo.

I’m hoping for a bit of mommy-time this weekend at the mall… AND the hubby is taking me to the movies next week.

But as for today? Today I’m going to just celebrate one more beautiful day that God has given me. Because it’s a gift that I don’t ever want to waste!


8 thoughts on “32 Candles

  1. I already know what happens when you’re shopping… Panera!! haha 🙂 Hope you have a fabulous birthday and enjoy celebrating it over several days! What movie are you going to see?

    PS – Peace to Sarah too! ha.

  2. Life is just so big. Usually good big, but sometimes sad/bad/scary big. I’ve been feeling that lately so this resonated. Yay for pizza and birthdays and shopping and adventures with your little boy and sweet husband!

    And most of all – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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