Foodie Baby

From the beginning, I’ve been determined to embrace and enjoy every single stage of mommyhood, because I know that it’s going to fly by SO fast.  Too fast.  So even on the rough nights, when I used to cuddle Brady late into the night because his belly hurt, I’d focus on the soft curves of his face and realize that – even despite the exhaustion – I was happier than I could have ever imagined.

Here’s a little secret though…

Every single stage only gets better.  More fun!

I did love cradling him as a newborn, watching him sleep and rocking him by the light of the Christmas tree.  But every single month, more of his personality comes out, and it warms my heart to see it.  He is just SO happy!!  So smiley and giggly.  It makes me realize that he’s his own little person, and that someday he’ll have his own goals and dreams.  It makes me realize that absolutely everything is new to him.

Absolutely everything!  And that includes food.  🙂

My chunky tater tot (who seems to be finally over those tummy troubles) has been introduced to a few solid foods by this point, and it makes me positively giddy to watch him experience the different flavors and textures.  He is SUCH a foodie, just like his mama, and nothing makes him happier than mealtime.  And although I’m only steaming veggies, I love that I’m ‘cooking’ for him.

THIS is fun and my favorite part of mommy life so far.

I am over the moon with happiness and excitement when I think about making Saturday morning waffles, baking up batches of chocolate chip cookies, and serving up a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs. But for now, I get to start at the very beginning and watch him try his very first spoonful of oatmeal…

or zucchini…

or prunes…

or sweet potatoes (which are his absolute favorite).

Speaking of food, since his stomach is much stronger and my breastmilk doesn’t bother him like it used to, I have been able to bring back fish, eggs, and nuts into my diet. AND I’ve been adding back a tiny bit of cheese as well, just to try it.

Yeah, life is good right now! Exhausting… busy… BUT very, very good! 🙂  And I couldn’t be happier!!


7 thoughts on “Foodie Baby

  1. YAY! I love that he is finally doing so much better! And that you can eat cheese again! Hooray! Have you had pizza yet? I saw on Facebook you mentioned that you had a cheeseburger. Yum! 🙂 And hooray for such a good eater! Mallory adored sweet potatoes too at this age. 🙂

    1. I JUST had pizza the other day for an early birthday party with my family. 🙂 And it was AMAZING!!!! Ha, ha. Seriously. I think I closed my eyes for a minute and just focused on the cheese… LOL!

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