A Hairy Situation

This is a pic of me last summer…

This is a pic of me from a week ago…

Since I have no shame, I’ll point out that my hairline is very thin, thanks to post-partum hair loss.  At first, I was totally devastated and freaked out, rambling to my husband that I hope he didn’t mind but I was going to spend a small fortune on hats.  Or brown paint…  Do you think brown paint would hide the fact that my hair is thinning?

Nate, being a typical male, freaked out.  And ran to the store.  And came back with a heavy-duty, strainer-type contraction for the shower drain, because – heaven forbid – I clog the drain.  He’s proud of how great it works.  I’m horrified, because now I can see just how much hair I lose on a daily basis.

“It’s all Eve’s fault!” I groaned to a friend.

You know the Biblical story…  Eve tricks Adam into eating the fruit that God forbade them to eat.  And as punishment, God said that – among other things –  childbirth would be painful.  My version of the story is that Eve gave birth to her first son, and she was a little bit too cocky after having a natural, pain-medicine free labor.  So God added post-partum hair loss to the punishment.

I’m not trying to be sacrileges or anything…  But as painful as labor was, the hair loss definitely has kept me humble.  I mean, when your hairdresser gasps and asks if you tried to cut your own hair, you know that you hit an all-time low.  Sooo, there you have my theory.  Post-partum hair loss is Eve’s fault too.

The funny thing though is that it bothers me a whole lot less than I thought it was going to.  Sure, there are days during which I can style it so that the thinning isn’t quite as noticeable.

But for the most part, I just ignore it.  I had my freak-out moment, but now I’m pretty much just shrugging it off and thinking, “Eh, it’ll grow back.”  On the really bad days, I just ignore mirrors.

Also cutting my hair shorter helped.

And on the really, really bad days, I put a paper bag over my head…

Not really…

But almost.

Ultimately though, this little guy is worth every single strand of hair that is falling off of my head.  🙂  He makes me realize what really matters.  He helps me see true beauty and worth!  And trust me, a hair-do has absolutely nothing to do with the joy bubbling inside of me every day.

And I think the hair loss is slowing down now… fingers crossed!


9 thoughts on “A Hairy Situation

  1. My Mom lost about 80% of her hair over the past 2 years due to stress. The good news is it has grown back. Two things she swears by, and are totally natural, kelp and cod liver oil. The kelp is in tiny tablets and she take the cod liver oil from the bottle, but you can get it in capsule form too. She also eats lots of avocado and fish. I’m not sure how they fit into your diet, but it’s worth looking up any supplements you can take to help.

    1. Oh no! Your poor mom!!
      I recently started to slowly bring back fish, and I’ve been eating a ton of fresh guacamole! So I’m glad to hear that avocado’s and fish might be helpful!!

  2. Oh Nicole, that was so hard for me…the hair loss!! I already had pretty thin hair, but then wow..it really got thin. Especially after my third baby..I knew it was “normal”, but I thought maybe I was using my microwave too much!! It grew back, yes…and now I have a head full hair!! It still isn’t long, thick, beautiful locks like you, but my stylist recently said, “wow..you have a lot of hair!”

    1. I KNOW! I know it’s normal too; but – like you said – when you’re going through it, it definitely doesn’t feel normal. I’m glad there’s an end and that it will grow back. I just need to keep my chin up and remember that! 🙂

    1. YES, life is good! Pregnancy and then the post-partum recovery really is all about one step at a time. We ladies are built tough! And as long as you focus on the good and the humor, it really isn’t all that bad! (Except for the bad days… But hey, we all have those). 😉

  3. Oh honey, I know how emotional hair loss can be. I was on a medicine last year that made me lose quite a bit of hair. It was really rough on me. I nearly cut my hair because I thought the shorter look would hide some of the thinness, but I decided to wait it out. I quit taking the medicine and my hair is finally thickening back up. But I know what you mean! I’m glad you are staying so positive about it. I love the shorter hair on you! It makes me want to cut mine all over again, haha!

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