Bits O’ This and That

It’s been forever since I blogged, so here are a few things that I’ve been up too…  🙂

1.  Nate was the DJ for his sister’s wedding this past weekend, and he was positively brilliant!  He’s always had a voice for radio, a love of music, and a talent for using sound boards / electronics.  And judging by the guests partying on the dance floor, everyone else was just as much a fan.

DJ NBeats rocked the house!  🙂

Sarah LeBlanc's photo.

2.  My tater tot turns six months today…  But he’s wearing 12 month clothes already, because these legs demand plenty of room!

Check out those rolls!

Nicole LeBlanc Beauvais's photo.

3.  My first Mother’s Day as a mom was crazy special.  Honestly, nothing melts my heart quite as much as my little nugget does.

4.  One of my friends asked me to bake / decorate cupcakes for her kid’s birthday party.  The theme was Paw Patrol and American Girls, and I’m happy with how they turned out!  (Most importantly, the cupcakes were a big hit with the kids).  🙂

And did I already show you the grill / popsicle cupcakes I made for Father’s Day?  I can’t remember…  That’s what happens when you take such a long blogging break!  😉

5.  This is what me and my bestie Liz do on the weekends.  We be a couple of crazy mamas!  😉

6.  How is it possible that he’s getting so big?!?  Wasn’t I just pregnant?

7.  I finally broke down and purchased my first-ever pair of running capris. They were only $15 at TJMaxx, so I have no idea why I waited so long.  They’re comfy and stylin’… unlike the baggy shorts I used to run in. And I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that I run faster when I wear them.  😉

8.   My baby is a foodie, just like his mama.  And so far, sweet potatoes are his favorite!

Nicole LeBlanc Beauvais's photo.

9.  Life lately?  It’s been busy!!  BUT I love that the nice weather is finally here, and that Brady is big enough to play outside with me.  🙂  It’s going to be a fun summer!

Nicole LeBlanc Beauvais's photo.

10.  What have you been up to??  🙂


10 thoughts on “Bits O’ This and That

  1. So good to hear that all is well! I was cracking up in the grocery store parking lot yesterday bc I saw a dad walking across the parking lot after changing his baby’s diaper to do the dirty diaper drop! However, my jaw dropped to the ground as I watched him do the drop into an empty grocery basket that was sitting in the parking lot!!! Anyway, thought of you and your sister;)

    1. Awww, thank you my friend! 🙂 I don’t put pressure on myself as I make them, and I just have fun with it. It’s a pretty sweet hobby.
      Get it?
      Yeahhh, I’m tired. 😉
      Anyway, I have thought of you a lot lately, because I’ve been eating chocolate coconut ‘icecream’ topped with lots of sprinkles. I am obsessed! 🙂 They’re seriously so delicious, and I had no idea…

  2. Yay, Nate the DJ!
    Those leg rolls!!!! Oh my goodness so precious.
    You are becoming quite the cupcake decorator, missy! Those all look great. And good enough to eat – I want one!
    Since you live in a climate that is cool for a good part of the year, I totally think you need more running capris. 🙂

    1. Awwww, thank you, Amy! 🙂 I wish I could drop off a batch for you to enjoy.
      And I have to agree with you. I definitely need another pair – or two – of capris for sure!

  3. I want to hear Nate’s made-for-radio voice!

    Your cupcakes! They are all so magical! You are so talented, friend!

    I love your running capris! They look so cute. 🙂 You definitely need lots more pairs.

    And that little boy of yours… oh my goodness. The rolls! Love him!

    1. I kicked myself after the wedding, because I didn’t take any video!! But Nate owns all his equipment, so I may need to have him do a little video just for us. 😉
      Thank you so much! I am having so much fun making the cupcakes (especially for kids, because it’s so great to see their faces light up)! 🙂
      And I am definitely obsessed with running capris now, for sure!

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