Q and A Vlog… Finally

It only took me a couple of months to get this up and running…  :). And wow, I just realized how much I ‘talk’ with my hands.  Ha ha!!  Fun times!!!  Thank you to those who submitted questions.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Q and A Vlog… Finally

  1. We’re just home from our U.S. Road trip and discovered HGTV for the first time- I’m addicted! Fixer Upper was my favourite show. Kelly & Michael has been a long time favourite of ours too when we’re there and we always try to have one lazy morning with no plans so we can watch it.

    1. Ooh, Ooh, OOH!!! I need to find time to make it to your blog! How was your road trip? What was your favorite spot? What was your favorite U.S. food?? What did you do? So many questions, so little time!! Ha, ha. 🙂 You might have to email me all about it, if you haven’t blogged about it. 😉
      So glad you are a fan of HGTV now. LOL! It’s so good, isn’t it??

      1. The road trip was amazing. I think it was our best US trip to date-and we’ve been over there a lot! We loved Utah. Bryce was my favourite place. The landscape is just so different to Ireland.. We did a lot of hiking with my bestie and her husband, who live in Vegas now. Peanut butter M&Ms will always remain my number 1 purchase and most consumed food item when I’m in the US. Although, one of my colleagues just told me I can buy them here in the ethnic food section of one chain of stores. He probably shouldn’t have told me that 😉
        I’m really enjoying following all your new exploits. Brady is such a cutie!

  2. WOOHOO! Super interesting. Thank you for sharing! I’m glad to hear that there’s hope for my Type-A overscheduling nonsense. I appreciate your honesty that you kind of went from one extreme to the other and are now finding the happy middle ground. You can do it!

    Next time I’ll have to ask a question for Nate so he has to be on camera 😉

    1. I think it’s important for us all to be honest with each other. There’s nothing more frustrating than thinking you’re the only one out there struggling sometimes… 😉 We’re all in this together!
      Oh, and I’m constantly trying to convince Nate to do a vlog with me, other than the times he’s just kind of in it… He doesn’t believe me that the people demand more Nate! Ha, ha.

  3. First of all… how on earth are you so skinny already?! You JUST had a baby. Okay, moving on from that…

    I totally talk with my hands too. Probably to a distracting point, haha! I notice it every time I see myself on video.

    I’m looking forward to the post about how things have changed for you guys post baby!

    Good to hear budgeting/finances stuff hasn’t been too dramatic of a change. That is definitely something Christopher and I talk a lot about when we talk about having a family. I’ll pass this on to him! 🙂

    My mother-in-law LOVES The Middle. Like she is obsessed with it. I definitely think it’s funny too, but I’m not sure anyone finds it as funny as she does. Well maybe you too, haha! But I’m with you – it’s not quite as good as Everybody Loves Raymond. That was just a classic TV show!

    1. Ha, ha! Awww, thank you, Rachel! 🙂 I can’t take any credit for losing the weight… Breastfeeding just worked for me! Some of my friends ‘hate’ me, because nursing caused them to gain weight. As usual, all of us have different bodies that react differently. But I lost 45 pounds in just 6 weeks and am now at my pre-pregnancy weight, ALL because my big baby likes to eat so much milk. Ha, ha!! 🙂 Breastfeeding is hard, but this is one of the many advantages. 😉 I still have to tone now, since I haven’t worked out in months… But with the nice weather coming, that will be easy to start. 🙂 I actually should write a blog post… not about my weight loss, because I don’t want to frustrate anyone who’s struggling with it. But mostly about the freedom I discovered after having a baby. I expected to hate my body… But instead, I feel incredibly beautiful, because if my stomach doesn’t look quite flat one day, I think to myself, “I carried a 10 pound baby! Look at how great I look!” That totally sounds conceited, but I know you understand where I’m coming from. Ha, ha. That is HUGE, considering I struggled with an eating disorder in my teens. I really do feel great! 🙂
      Wow, that was way longer of a reply then I intended.

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