Bits O’ This and That

1.  I’ve been practicing my photography skills a bit lately…  It’s fun to take out my camera when Brady is napping and to focus on a hobby that makes me happy.  🙂  There’s still SO much to learn!

2.  After asking you all to vote, I completely forgot to show you the dress I wore to my sister-in-law’s bridal shower!  Dress # 5 won!  I meant to buy a pair of black heels to wear with it (to help it match the tea-theme more appropriately), but I never made it to the mall.  So this was the final outfit.  🙂

3.  I am horrible at decorating cakes…  Put a cake in front of me, and I panic.  I lose any and all recollection of my decorating skills, my hands get clammy, and I rush through the process, usually resulting in a sweet mess.  (You should have seen the mess I made at my last decorating class, which required us to bring a cake as apposed to cupcakes).  Place a cupcake in front of me, however, and I will take my precious time to make sure it looks absolutely perfect.  Or at least as perfect as my decorating skills will allow…  I have no idea as to why this is the case, other than the fact that I really do adore cupcakes.  I’m already coming up with more ideas and planning to decorate some soon, whether or not there’s necessarily a need for them.

4.  I love his chunky face SO much!

5.  I REALLY need to start blogging more…  I miss it!  And I REALLY need to post the question and answer vlog already!  Ha, ha.

6. I just can’t believe that Brady is going to be 4 months in just over a week.  Where does time go?  🙂


9 thoughts on “Bits O’ This and That

  1. Maybe the cake issue is that you only get one chance! With cupcakes you have the option to ditch anything that doesn’t look right (as long as you made extras!)

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. Honestly, I think that is a big part of it! And I noticed last night, during the decorating class, that the teacher moves very quickly… And I’m a perfectionist, so it freaks me out when I’m working on one thing and could fall behind… or not grasp the concept. With cupcakes or treats, I can do a rushed job… and then do a better job on another one towards the end of the class. Cakes are just so much pressure! I think I’ll try to tackle cake soon, on my own, and see how I enjoy it. Ha, ha.

  2. That little guy is tooooo cute. You’ll take your awesome cupcake decorating skills to the higher cake scale some day, I’m certain. I like Janelle’s point that cupcakes may be less pressure because there are more of them.

  3. Four months?! How on Earth?! He is growing so fast! Love those chubby cheeks! That shot of him makes me look so much like Nate to me (I think it’s the eyes?). Anyway, precious little one! 🙂

    I love seeing your skill as you decorate cupcakes and post pictures. I’m sure your cake decorating skills will only get better and better as well! 🙂

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