Crib Time

My adorable chunky monkey has been going through a needy stage in which he constantly wants to be with mama and held by mama.  And since he isn’t yet on a sleep schedule (and sometimes he decides that sleep is over-rated anyway), I don’t have much time to blog, reply to blog comments, or comment on blogs these days.  But rest assured, I am around.  And I will be back.  🙂  It’s just that right now, I have very little free time.

But that’s just for now…

Soon enough, he’ll have a bed-time and a nap-time… and some days, maybe he’ll somewhat sleep according to those times.  😉  And, maybe the biggest change of all, he’ll soon be sleeping in his very own room instead of sharing one with his mommy and daddy.  Even if I get only an hour or two of free time from that change, it will be huge!

I look forward to that change, and I dread that change.  I’ll miss him.  Yet I’ll love having a bit of space.

But either way, I’m not in any rush…  I do want to help ease him into the transition, however.  So today, when he started to sleepily rub his eyes, I gently placed him in his crib to see if he would nap there.  He giggled for a good while and ‘talked’ to the jungle animals hanging from his mobile.  But then – gasp – he fell asleep!  And he has been sleeping for almost 30 minutes now!

I’d call that a good step in the right direction!  Now excuse me as I tackle one of the five piles of laundry in my house…  Maybe I’ll get some folded before he wakes up!  🙂

'Trying to let Brady take his first nap in his crib...  (He still sleeps in our room at night and usually naps in his swing, but we'll soon enough begin sleep training).  Right now, he's giggling and introducing himself to the jungle animals on his mobile.  :)'


4 thoughts on “Crib Time

  1. Well, laundry is better than dirty dishes! (At least in my book)

    There’s no pressure to blog/read/comment any which way. Do what works for you. You’re doing a great job!

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