Nicole’s Cupcake Corner

I’ve loved cupcakes pretty much forever, as in even before they were a fad.  Ask me if I want a piece of cake, and I’ll probably say, “Yeah, sure, that sounds good.”  Ask me if I want a cupcake, and I’ll reply, “Oh my goodness, YES!  And can I have one to take home too??”

Cupcakes just taste better than cake, am I right?  I mean, I get that they’re technically the same thing, should you compare notes on paper.  But in real life (or at least in my life), they’re not technically the same thing at all.  Cupcakes are just — I don’t know — so much more delightfully delicious.  And they’re pretty.  And they’re single servings, so I can eat two in order to try different flavors…

Eat two pieces of cake, and you’re overindulging.  Eat two cupcakes, and you’re broadening your horizons in the world of culinary art.

Yeah, I like the way I think too!  🙂

Over the past year or so, I’ve dabbled in learning how to not only bake cupcakes from scratch but also how to decorate them.  (You might remember that my cupcake passion really took off over the summer, when my bestie Liz asked me to make cupcakes for her gender reveal party.  I’ve honestly never recovered…  Cupcake fever is still running through my veins)!

I have the perfect chocolate cupcake recipe and am now searching for the best vanilla cake recipe I can find…  As for decorating, YouTube videos are incredibly helpful, as was the incredibly large cupcake decorating kit that my hubby bought me last year.  But I felt as though I hit a bit of a wall when it came to learning how to use all the tools in my kit, so I was ecstatic when my best friend Wendy suggested we take a cake decorating class together.

Plus the class price was half off!

Plus the hubby agreed to watch the baby!

Plus I really didn’t need any reason other than the word – ‘cupcake’!!

So last night, Wendy and I attended our first-ever cake decorating class together.  🙂  (It was a little hilarious to be taking classes together again, and apparently we have not changed since our college days.  We’re both still perfectionists and annoyingly organized.  😉  I’m not sure that the teacher ever had students take notes during a decorating class before… but, then again, she had never taught me or Wendy before either).

The class was SO much fun, you guys!  I felt so energized and refreshed to have that creative outlet.  And while I was eager to get home to see my little guy, it was also a much-needed time away, where I could chat with ladies and spend time doing something that I love.

This first class was pretty easy, as I’d already learned most of the techniques on my own.  But I think next week is going to be a frosting-filled challenge.  Ooh, I can’t wait!!!

(What happens in cake decorating class, stays in cake decorating class!)*

And the best thing is that we had to buy a huge tub of frosting (while I usually make mine from scratch), so I can fill up my piping bags over the week with the leftover frosting and practice on waxed paper.  So it’s a hobby that I can easily work on and perfect, that way I’ll be ready to decorate real cupcakes when the time comes.

Or when the sweet tooth demands it!  😉

*Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat the cupcakes or frosting, because of my dietary restrictions.  Nate said they’re good, but that he likes my homemade frosting better.  Yeah, he’s a good man!  Ha, ha!



5 thoughts on “Nicole’s Cupcake Corner

  1. Did you guys have the “icing vs frosting” terminology debate?

    Is vanilla cake the same thing as white cake? I’ve been looking for a delicious white cake recipe. Please let me know if you find one!

  2. I’m so glad you had such a fun time!! Baking in general is just the best. I love it so much.. for the stress relief.. creative outlet… amazing treats..etc.! I like cupcakes a lot, and that’s what Jimmy and I had at our wedding instead of cake! We had a ton of different flavors/frostings/decorations and it was more fun than having one or two flavors of cake, haha. It was a big hit with the kids, too 🙂 Do you ever watch Cupcake Wars on the Food Network?! I love that show!

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