That’s Me

I Am That Momma

I was the last of my friends to get bitten by the bug my bestie Ashley refers to as ‘Baby Rabies’. You know the one… The ‘fever’ that leaves you ‘oohing’ over every newborn and dreaming of tiny little onesies. While my girlfriends were all eagerly dreaming of the day they would become mommies, I was busy mapping out my career.

Life was good, and I didn’t feel that there was anything missing… So while I knew that I wanted to start a family one day with my husband, I also knew that I wasn’t in any hurry. After having worked so hard for a college degree, I felt that I wanted to reap the benefits and spend some time in the work-force. (I also was really focused on traveling AND paying off bills, and my job paid pretty well so that I was able to do both).

(My Hawaii trip was already 2 years ago now.  Oh, how I miss that beautiful island)!

My friends who already had babies didn’t quite understand my hesitation, assuring me that there was no love like a mother’s love. No job like being a mom.   But they also respected my choices and accepted the fact that – in the grand scheme of things – we’re all different. We all have different goals, and dreams, and passions. So they supported me in my career right up until the day that I quit my job in the hopes to start a family. (At which point they all erupted into cheers of eager excitement that their friend had finally come around). 😉

(Me and a few of my friends on the morning of our first 5k.  I can’t believe this was almost 3 years ago now)!

Now I have no regrets over the path that I chose. We’re all built differently, and I truly believe that I needed to work – and to work hard – in order to reach a certain fulfillment within me. I needed to prove to myself that I could advance and that I could tackle – and conquer – a challenging job placed before me. I’m proud of what I achieved those 7 years as an Accounts Receivable Specialist, even if it was a stressful job most days. I also really appreciate the opportunities I had to help pay off our debt (down to just the house and one vehicle), as well as provide us with abilities to travel together.

That being said, I now understand where my friends were coming from when they encouraged me to start a family sooner rather than later…

And what does surprise me, now that my baby is three months old (as of today), is that I have become one of ‘those’ moms…

Baby Brady is allowed in bed with me and Nate. I was going to be a modern mom who followed the ‘rules’ down to the letter, and all the latest books and articles say to never let your child in bed with you. It only makes sleep training more difficult if baby knows that mommy and daddy’s bed is a comfortable alternative to the crib. But when your baby is screaming bloody murder from stomach gas and the only thing that calms him down is a cuddle in bed – well – all rules are thrown out the window. (And… when you’re a breastfeeding mom and your baby is waking up every 2 hours to eat, you kind of come up with your own, comfortable system. And nothing is more comfortable than bed at 3am). So, yeah, I’m one of ‘those’ moms.

I’m excited about baby supplies. I used to see them as nothing more than practical things, while I’m now obsessed with researching the latest gadgets and gizmo’s. It’s fun. I’m slightly obsessed. And it’s turning me into one of ‘those’ moms.

I’m planning to join a mommy / baby play-time group. A woman at my church asked me if I would be interested in taking part in one, should she decide to start such a group. I was giddy at the idea of meeting other new moms and letting our babies play together. Yes, I am SO becoming one of ‘those’ moms.

I wear my baby. I was never against baby wraps or carriers, but I also just didn’t see myself doing it. That was for women like my friends who had spent their entire lives wanting to be a mommy and who wanted to keep their baby close at all times. It shocks me, but I am one of ‘those’ moms. Baby and I wear our new Ergo like we’re sporting the latest fashion trend.

I have a breastmilk stash in the basement freezer. It’s probably only two day’s worth right now… But whenever I’m able to add another bag of breastmilk to the supply, I feel this unexpected sense of accomplishment and pride. I never in a million years would have thought that I’d be one of ‘those’ moms. Seriously, who am I?

My entire world revolves around one squishy, little baby; and I guess that doesn’t surprise me. Yes, I am one of ‘those’ moms.

And I wouldn’t change it for the entire world. 🙂  I love my lil’ rascal SO much!

Happy three-month birthday, Brady!!!









5 thoughts on “That’s Me

  1. Meh I think it’s all still you. You’re free to change and grow and still be you! No judgment here. You look gorgeous as a mom and seem so unbelievably happy! Congrats Nicole. And happy three months, Brady! ❤

    1. Thank you, my friend! Have I ever told you that I appreciate and love you so much?!?
      And I agree! IT’s still me… Experiences shape all of us throughout our lives. 🙂

  2. Happy 3 months, Brady! You’re an awesome mom, Nicole. You’ve grown with the baby over these past three months – it’s cool that parental growth is a team effort with baby growth.

    One of the things that I’m most excited about is wearing the baby. I think baby carriers look like the coolest thing ever.

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