My Funny Valentine

My Valentine

I love the way your diaper crinkles when you kick your legs. How your hair smells like vanilla and is fuzzy-soft like a peach after it’s been washed. How high-pitched and excited your squealing becomes, when you try to talk.

I love our morning snuggles, how you rest your chubby, dimpled hands on my shoulder as though giving me a little hug. How you lose your latch when you’re eating because you suddenly catch sight of me looking at you, so you can’t help but smile. I love how you fall asleep in my arms, knowing that you’re safe with me.

I love the little coo’s that you make when you try to talk. The way you splash your legs in glee, when it’s bathtime. And the way your forehead wrinkles, when you’re curious or staring at something intently.

I love how fast you’re growing up, yet dislike it so terribly too. I wish I could pause this moment forever, yet eagerly await each new moment as you discover something new.

I love you, my baby boy. I love you forever and ever. And you will always be me and Daddy’s valentine!

Even though it’s late, I just had to share Brady’s first Valentine’s Day.  🙂


4 thoughts on “My Funny Valentine

  1. I just died from cuteness overload.

    When do we get to see baby pictures of you and Nate? I think Brady looks like you and your family but maybe he’s Nate or maybe he’s just a combo. What do most people say? Either way, he’s ridiculously cute and clearly in love with his mama ❤

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