Hi Everyone!

Sooooo, I’m taking one more week off from blogging (as let’s face it, I haven’t been very good at mommy blogging up until this point).   🙂  I have some posts that I’m working on and excited to share (including a ‘Choose my Outfit’ post, a ‘Q & A’ vlog, a ‘Day in the Life of a Mommy’ vlog, AND a post that recaps my mommy life so far).  So I’m hoping to whittle away at everything this week, and maybe (hey, a girl can dream) I’ll actually have a full week of posts up and running next week!

I’m really focusing on organizing my days a bit in the hopes that March will have a little more semblance of order than January or February did.  😉  So wish me luck!  Ha, ha.

BUT I do have a small little video to share that shows you how much snow we have here in New England now.  (We’re supposed to get up to another 3 inches tomorrow). YIKES!

Well, I’ll catch up with all of you next week!!!!  Drop a comment and let me know what you’ve been up to lately, because I LOVE to hear from you!  🙂

Lots of love,





4 thoughts on “Cold!

  1. Good gracious! So much snow! And so windy! We have a whole two inches here… so naturally all of Memphis has been shut down (we’re both off work today along with most of the city). 😉 Ah, I do love the South. 🙂 But the good news is that spring will be here before we know it!

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