Just a Random Mommy Vlog

My Q&A vlog should be up this week too, if all goes according to plan…  Look at that, possibly two vlogs in one week!  🙂

I filmed this one at a spur of the moment, when I felt a little-too-tired from a night of no sleep (and maybe a tiny bit crabby as a result).  I decided to ignore the exhaustion and to have fun instead!  And it really did turn into a wonderful day.

Ooh, and of course, Brady makes his vlog debut…

I hope you enjoy this random vlog I put together!  Ha, ha.  In the meantime, we’re all snuggled up at home and bracing to get another foot or so of snow tonight through tomorrow!






10 thoughts on “Just a Random Mommy Vlog

  1. Watching this at 3am while I pump…so funny! I was trying to figure out why you were falling in the snow…it’s because there is so much snow! We never get that much snow in Oregon.

    I always laugh at those parenting advice columns “babies can’t stay awake longer than 2 1/2 hours at a time.” It’s a lie. Mine has stayed awake for a record of 5 hrs at a time.

    1. Ha, ha! It was impossible to run in it without falling down and what a workout!! The sad thing is that we have even more now… and are expected to get MORE this weekend. The snow is just inches from my front windows… Yikes!
      And I laugh at those advice columns too!!! Brady definitely has stayed up for 5 hours during the day, refusing to settle down to sleep. Thankfully he has slept pretty good this week (which means this mama had a bit of a break too). Ha, ha.

    1. Ha, ha! I obviously have to make sure he’s brought up right! 😉 I’m trying to not get him ALL striped clothes; or else that’s all that he, Nate, and I will be wearing. And then it REALLY will be apparent that I have a problem, if it isn’t already. 😉 Sigh, I just love stripes SO much!!!

  2. Just jotting down some thoughts as I watch this:

    We love Boom Chicka Pop in this house!

    Aww, happy blue eyed baby (in the shot of him laying under the mobile). So cute! He is such a little chunk! Love his sweet face. 🙂

    That kitty paw reaching out of the box was definitely startling! If you’d put that to suspenseful music I probably would’ve screamed, haha!

    I laughed out loud at Nate’s comment about your gingerbread house having a “big butt”!

    That is S.O. M.U.C.H. S.N.O.W. I can’t even imagine! You are so cute with your fun ideas. And the two of you racing each other makes me think fondly of my sisters. 🙂

  3. So I just pulled this video up again to show it to Christopher because I was telling him how much snow you guys have been getting. He thoroughly enjoyed Nate’s commentary on the gingerbread houses and also watching you and Sara attempting to run through the snow. 🙂

    1. You and Christopher inspired me to do a small snow update video today… Ha, ha! We have even more coming tomorrow. We just don’t know what to do with it all! My neighborhood isn’t too bad, but Boston is really struggling and some of the back roads are incredibly narrow. Oh, Spring, where are you?!? 🙂

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