It was a very strange thing, dropping Brady off at my mom’s for the day. It wasn’t even a full Wednesday, to be honest. I dropped him off promptly at noon, but I knew that I’d be back by 6:15pm that night. Normally I teach piano lessons until 7pm on Wednesdays, but my two last students of the day are in Florida for the week. So Brady would only need a babysitter for 6 hours, which really isn’t all that bad.


Except, for this first time at least, 6 hours seemed like such a long time. An eternity, really. And honestly, the only reason why I was able to do it so calmly (I mean, without sobbing hysterically) is that my mom was the babysitter… and she lives only two miles up the street from me. I kept telling myself that Brady was going to Memere’s house for a playdate, and that somehow made it a million times easier on this mama.

Because who doesn’t love a playdate?!?  Brady sure does!

It was such a good situation, really, that I couldn’t help but feel a little excited for my chunky monkey and his doting Memere. My mom is just so amazing with him, and he already loves her to death. (You should see the smile that pops onto his face, whenever he sees my mom or sister Sarah)!  The two of them are going to have so much fun together, especially as Brady grows up (and especially as the weather gets warmer and they’re able to go for walks outside in the quiet neighborhood).

So I’m blessed. I’m so blessed to be working part-time from home doing something that I love. I’m blessed that my mom will watch my baby on Wednesdays and that my hubby will be watching him on Thursdays.   There’s absolutely nothing to complain about!

Except for the fact that the house seemed unusually quiet and lonely when I had a break between lessons, and I really felt that Brady wasn’t home. It’s kind of strange… He’s only been a part of me and Nate’s life for two months and already I can’t imagine our world without him. I can’t imagine our home without him.

It just seemed too quiet. And so empty.

But still, for the first day, I have to say that it was a very good one.

Lessons went very well, even if I was a tad bit scatter-brained. 😉 Next week’s lessons will go so much better, not that this week’s went badly. I just made some silly mistakes when it came to prepping for lessons and ordering books (which I shall blame on the fact that I’m still learning how to organize my time now that there’s a little guy to take care of 24/7). Thankfully, the first week back was all about review anyway, so no one minded. 🙂

When 6 o’clock arrived and my last student of the day left, I grabbed my coat and ran out the door, my mouth instantly breaking into a huge smile. I couldn’t shake the smile for the entire drive to my mom’s, and I was possibility giddy as I ran up her front steps!

I walked into my parent’s house to see my baby boy sleepily cuddled in my mom’s arms. 🙂 My mom showed me fun pics from their day together and said that he was such a good boy.

So, yes, my first ‘week’ back to work went very well. It was a super easy week, to be honest, as Wednesday wasn’t a full day and snow cancelled Thursday’s lessons.  But it was a nice way to kind of ease back into the swing of things!

Seriously, I am so very blessed, and I thank God every day. It’s so easy to focus on the worrisome things or on the stressful things. But really, God has BLESSED my socks off!!! 🙂

My Q&A Vlog should be up next week!!!!  🙂




4 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. Ahh, I’m so glad your first week back was a good one. It’ll only get better as you and Brady and Nate ease into your routine, too!

    That’s so awesome that Brady will get to grow up so close to your parents. If K and I have kids, that’s how it will be for us too – his parents live just a few blocks away!

  2. It’s awesome to have your mom close by and willing to babysit for you. I bet it makes a world of difference and makes you a little more at ease with leaving your babe for a few hours.

  3. Wow. You, your body, and Brady handled this so well! Way to go!

    Did you ask your mom to watch Brady regularly or did she offer? She must be so thrilled she gets to do that! (Till he’s two… then maybe notsomuch haha)

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