This Superbowl was my first time entertaining since becoming a mom. Not that it exactly can be considered entertaining , since – as with the last few years – the party consisted only of my parents, sister, and my husband. So, yes, it’s pretty low-key… or as low-key as watching a football game with my husband and dad can be. (I’m still waiting for one of them to pop a blood vessel or to maybe even injure an innocent bystander. There’s a whole lot of screaming, jumping, and punching-of-the-air going on).

I mean, I’m a devoted Patriot’s fan, but my enthusiasm just can’t come close. (And my mom and sister? They’re there for the food and the commercials. But shhhhhh, don’t tell them that I gave their secret away). 🙂

Anywho, even if it was a small crowd (and one that I was related to), it meant that I had to clean my house. And take a shower. (Which was a good thing, because I had found an excuse to go three days without showering, and it was well overdo. Not to mention the fact that I’d forgotten we had carpet in the living room, it had been covered with baby things for so long).

My mom, ever concerned that I’m going to overdo it, emphasized that we should make this year easy on ourselves, as we usually tend to cook up every football-appropriate food we can think up. It’s a lot of work, but the Superbowl kind of demands it. And so does my family, ’cause we’re all a bunch of foodies who want nothing less than delicious variety.

She insisted that we order pizza, and – honestly – no one argued. We all love pizza. (And I knew that I could find an allergy-free pizza at the supermarket, so that I wouldn’t be left out).

I also knew that we couldn’t have pizza without a tossed salad…

And maybe some fresh fruit.

But then I got to thinking that we really couldn’t have a proper Superbowl party without nachos, so I cooked up a big ol’ batch of chili.  (Our team was playing, after all)!

And if you have chili, you might as well have guacamole.

And my dad figured that if we did all that already, he might as well grill up some chicken.  (Oh man, those drumsticks were out-of-this-world amazing)!

I figured that it wouldn’t be too much trouble to also make a batch of homemade onion rings.

And my mom had to bake her should-be-famous chocolate chip cookies… obviously. (Which caused my sister to feel bad that I couldn’t eat them – due to my restricted diet – so she cooked me a batch of dairy-free chocolate-chip cookies… also out-of-this-world amazing).

So, yeah, this year was pretty low-key in the food department. 😉 Gosh, when combined with the fact that I had showered and managed to tidy my house, I felt like wonder-woman! (Small steps for Martha Stewart, but pretty huge steps for this first-time mom)! 🙂

I even blew up some balloons and decorated the dining room a bit, thanks to my little guy being so cooperative (…and sleepy. He took a 3 hour nap, which was really unusual for him)! Oh, yeah, they don’t make mornings better than that!

They don’t make evenings much better either…

The Pats won! 🙂


It was a nail-biter of a game, but our guys held on to the very end and pulled through.

I wanted to cry, I was so happy!! It meant a lot, especially after the criticism of deflate-gate and how the team came under fire. Seriously, I can’t explain just how intensely proud we New Englanders are of our team, win or lose. But winning sure does feel good!  And these guys worked so hard this year that it was incredible to see that hard work pay off.

A win for the Pats… A fun evening with my family…

Yeah, it was a pretty awesome Superbowl! 🙂

We’re so proud of Tom Brady and the team!!!


8 thoughts on “Touchdown!

  1. Mmm, a tasty spread. I must confess – I was going for the Seahawks (worst play call evvvvvvver on their final possession) because I think Russell Wilson is the bees knees. It was a nailbiter of a game though!

    1. It WAS a nailbiter!
      And I have to say that I’m a HUGE Russell Wilson fan too. 🙂 Nate and I both said that if the Patriots couldn’t win, we wouldn’t be overly disappointed only because we’d be happy for Wilson!!

  2. Your mom sure looks happy with that baby in her lap. 😉 Glad you got to host family for the Superbowl. You guys’ cooking habits sound just like my family “Let’s go low key… but I’ll probably make my traditional this… and if I do that then we’ll have to have our traditional that…” teehee! Sounds like you guys had a delicious feast. 🙂 And hooray for the Pats! I’m so not a football fan, but the last few minutes of the game, even I was watching because it got so intense.

    1. Oh, I know, the game was pretty insane! 🙂
      And I think that our families would get along just fine!! Although if we lived closer and were to all get together, there would be a LOT of food!!!

  3. I only lasted through the first quarter. That was 12.30am for me (Mike stayed up tip the end!) I’m watching the half-time show right now and I’ll go on to the commercials when that’s over 🙂 Priorities!

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