Deflate Gate

I interrupt our usual blog posts for a little sport-themed post…  😉

I’m going to be honest, I was beyond excited when I first realized that my beloved team – the New England Patriots – made it to the Superbowl this year.  I mean, it’s baby Brady’s first Superbowl ever.  How awesome is it that Tom Brady (the inspiration behind his daddy suggesting the name ‘Brady’ to me in the first place) is going to be playing?!?

Yeah, it’s pretty awesome!

That being said, I wasn’t immune to the disappointment that soon followed.  I was pretty upset when the story first came out that Tom Brady had been throwing a football that was deflated (or below the required standards).  There’s a standard of air pressure that’s supposed to be maintained, and it wasn’t.  Therefore, the football was a little softer, and possibly easier for Brady to throw.

I was as upset as anyone, and the hubby and I even considered routing for the opposing team.  (Now that is how you know just how disappointed we were).

(Man, I can’t believe Brady used to be that tiny, only weeks ago)!

Quite frankly, I would prefer to have my team lose than to win unfairly.  We New Englanders are quite proud when it comes to that, especially here around the Boston area.  Boston pride is a real thing.  It’s very strong.  We stand by our teams even when they go years (and years) without winning the big game.  (Take the Red Sox, for example.  They didn’t win the World Series for over 80 years, and yet the pride we had in our baseball team was immeasurable).

But our pride is based on loyalty, love of home, and a strong work ethic; so the deflate-gate really messed with that pride.  Most of us didn’t really know how to handle it.

BUT, that being said, I’m also aware of three things…

#1.  A football that didn’t have quite enough air isn’t the reason why the Patriots made it to the end.  They’re a really good team.  Period.  So all of these theories that the Patriots cheated their way to the Superbowl is just crazy talk.

#2.  No evidence has yet to be found that can actually prove the team did it intentionally.  And I’m an innocent-until-proven-guilty kind of girl.  If evidence is found, then I will be sooooo disappointed in whoever did it (as will the rest of Patriot’s nation), and our pride in that particular player / employee will be scarred.

#3. Robert Kraft (the owner), Bill Belichick (the coach), and Tom Brady (the quarterback) have all adamantly claimed that they had nothing to do with the deflated footballs.  Now, they could all be lying through their teeth, but – again – I’m inclined to believe them.


The last straw for me, however, was the witch-hunt that ensued, following the discovery of these deflated footballs.  (Again, I’m not condoning anything, but we’re talking about footballs with less air, not magical shoes that could make them run faster or tackle better).  There have been some nasty things said about the team, even though – again – nothing has yet been proven.  Suddenly everyone is ganging up on them, trying to label them as a team of nasty cheaters.  It’s pretty intense, especially since – if one person had cheated (which would be really bad) – there are still 50+ players who are working hard, because they want to win (the right way) for their fans.

And again, we’re talking about footballs with less air.  I will be horribly upset if it turns out that someone is lying about this, but I also think it’s extreme to say the Patriots shouldn’t be in the Superbowl to begin with.

Soooo, yes, I will be routing for my team on Sunday!  And as always, I hope they’ll win.  And YES, I am proud to be a New England fan, because – at this point – nothing has happened that could shake that.

Go, Pats!!!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Deflate Gate

  1. Preach it woman!!! I think the whole thing was made up cause people can’t stand that we win more often than not. People don’t scrutinize other teams as much- I’m sure IF we did
    Do something (which I don’t believe we did) other teams are doing the same..which does not make it right- BUT I don’t think we have any Unfair advantages that other teams don’t. That is all. Go Pats!

    1. That’s a VERY good point that my hubby and I discussed, but I forgot to put in this post. Other teams have their little sly things that they do too, and so if the Pats did something (which I don’t think they did either) it’s not like they have this crazy advantage suddenly… Again, not condoning it. But it’s not like the Patriots are this team of cheaters.
      I agree… The team is under attack for winning more often than not!
      Go Pats!!! 🙂

  2. I heard a little bit about this in passing, but since I’m not a huge football fan I just breezed right past the article. But if it were accusations made at my basketball teams, I would definitely be up in arms about it. So I understand where you’re coming from here. I think the points you made at the end are all totally valid! 🙂

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