Lots of Love

I’m sitting here at my laptop, wondering how to properly begin this blog post that should be gushing with love and gratefulness.  But nothing feels quite right…  It’s rather like knowing that someone of prestige is coming to dinner and realizing that all you have in the fridge is cold-cuts.

It’s food, and it’s filling, but it rather falls short in a very disappointing way.

(Not that I have anything against cold cuts, for the record.  I am currently chowing down on the rest of a ham sandwich – lots of pickles but hold the cheese please.  And I am really enjoying it, thank you very much).

Still, for how I’m feeling, I need the Lobster Bisque of intro’s.  The sweetest, silkiest of words that drip onto the page smoother than honey.  Sentences and paragraphs that bring warmth like a piece of apple pie straight out of the oven.

(Oh goodness, can you tell that I’m hungry??).

And yet nothing seems eloquent enough; so here it is, as small and insufficient as it may be…

Thank you!

He wasn't all that excited about his first-ever selfie...  ;)

From the bottom of my heart, ‘thank you’ for the support, for the advice, for the encouragement, and for the prayers!  The past few weeks have been really tough, and the kind comments you left on my last blog post (as well as the emails) really meant a lot to me. Like a lot.  More than you could possibly know!!

Sometimes a new mama just needs to be reminded that someone has her back; and you all surrounded me like a warm hug from a friend, assuring me of that.  🙂

I’m VERY happy to report that Brady has had three pretty good days in a row (one of them being a very good day)!  Granted, they weren’t without some tummy troubles, but there was marked improvement!  The lessening pain has helped him to nap better as well, which has resulted in a much happier baby all around.  🙂

Sadly tonight has been rough, but I’m hopeful that we’re headed in the right direction!

This kind of improvement hasn’t happened since his stomach troubles first started at the age of two weeks, so I’m feeling positive!  It’s just in time for his two month birthday too, which was a lovely surprise for him.  🙂  That’s right, my little guy is already two months old!  (Or, should I say ‘big guy’?  He weighs almost 16 pounds and is in the 99th percentile for his weight / length).

This, my friends, is why I’m so hungry ALL the time, hence the food references in this post!  I can’t keep up with the calories I burn due to the milk Brady consumes every day.  Hungry, hungry, HUNGRY!  🙂  I’ve lost all but 5 pounds of my pregnancy weight, and I’m eating all the time!  Ha, ha.

Other than eating us out of house and home, I’m taking care of my little guy, spending time with the hubby, AND preparing for a massive snowstorm.  If the meteorologists are right (which they aren’t always, obviously), this will be a storm for the New England history books.  In fact, they’re calling for 2-3 feet of snow!   YIKES!

So we’re bunkering down for a cozy snowday… and then for lots of grueling cleanup afterward.  😉

THANK YOU again, my friends, for your kindness; and I am sending so much love back to you.  I hope to start blogging a little more regularly, even if it’s twice a week for now.  🙂  AND I have lots of blog reading to catch up on as well, so I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow while Brady is napping!!  🙂

I’ll ‘talk’ to you all again soon!  And if you’re in the New England area, stay warm… and stay safe!!!

Spring will be here eventually.


3 thoughts on “Lots of Love

  1. How can he be two months already?! Time is just flying! I’m SO glad he’s had a better couple of days. I cannot image how difficult this has been for you guys. However, I am so glad that you guys have had so much support. I loved seeing the photo on Facebook today of your neighbors shoveling your driveway. So much kindness. I know I’m far away, but if you ever need prayers or a listening ear, I’m here for you!

  2. How did you guys make out with the storm? I think we ended up with a little over 2 feet….lots of baking and looking out windows with Elliot. Does Brady love looking out windows yet? I forget when that really starts…

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