‘Q and A’ input!

I’m working on a new blog post, which hopefully will be up tomorrow.  (It takes me twice as long to get one written these days, but that’s okay…  My reason for being so busy is quite worth it).  🙂

Anyway, I decided that I really want to do a Question and Answer segment in the next week or so!!  I haven’t yet decided if it will be in the form of a blog post… or if maybe I’ll throw together a quick vlog.  But I do know that I want to do one.

Sooooo, if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section or email me at:  Nicole_leb@Hotmail.com.  It can be serious stuff about pregnancy, labor and delivery, or life as a new mom.  It can be deep… or as silly / fun as ‘What’s you’re favorite daytime television show now that you’re a new mom who’s nursing all day’.  Ha, ha.

Send me your questions, and I’ll have fun answering them!!

‘Talk’ to you all soon!!


6 thoughts on “‘Q and A’ input!

  1. It seems like you were always pretty Type-A but then while pregnant you were able to go with the flow. How are you now that Brady’s here and has your personality changed in any other ways?

    Can’t wait to hear what others ask and of course hear your answers!!

  2. I vote vlog!! Not that I have a vote, but I still thought I’d throw in my two cents. And I wouldn’t complain if Brady made his vlog debut as well. 😉

    As for questions…

    How has yours and Nate’s relationship changed post baby?

    I know you guys have been very intentional about budgeting in the past year, has having a newborn made that more difficult?

    And something light hearted… What has been the most fun part of being a mom so far?

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