Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The temps here in New England were a ‘balmy’ -10 degrees Fahrenheit this morning…  Brrrr!!!!

There’s really no way to describe that kind of cold, other than ‘ouch’.  It’s the type of cold that hits your lungs with an intensity that leaves you gasping for air.  The type of cold that makes your nostrils feel as though they’re sticking together (which is an awkward sensation to say the least).  And a cold that leaves your beard frozen with ice, should you be brave (or crazy) enough to go for a run in it.

That’s a picture of my brother Matt, by the way.  He is that crazy.

It’s a good thing that Brady has a new hat to help keep his head warm!  🙂

Today, we plan to snuggle up and stay as warm as we possibly can!

What are the temps like where you are?  (If you’re from Florida, please lie.  Ha ha!!!!).  🙂


5 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. I’m with you- we’re right outside of Boston…-7 I think was the lowest I witnessed early this AM…Brrrr. Elliot looks ADORABLE all bundled up though- and he seems to love anytime he gets to go outside, even if its from the house to the car he’s all smiles 🙂

  2. Sooo cold!! I saw a guy running yesterday morning when it was -10. I almost stopped my car to give him a pat on the back for being so brave. But that would be kind of weird, right? 😉

    So looking forward to summery temps!! I’m trying to embrace the winter, but there’s nothing like walking around in flip flops. 😀

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