Hats, Leggings, and New-Mommy Fashion

Soooo, my love of stripes is as alive as ever.  But other than that, my sense of style and fashion has been mommyfied (as in, any clean article of clothing that’s within reach is fair game, whether or not it matches).  😉

These days, my sense of style looks something like this…

My makeup routine has become a quick process, but it’s one that I make time for.  If I have but two free minutes (which is usually the case), I pat on a tiny bit of concealer, dust on some rouge, and then finish up with a bit of mascara.  It’s not to make myself presentable for anyone but myself, as – with Brady’s tummy troubles – we have kept visitors to a bare minimum.  No, I do it, because it makes me feel human… and pretty… and because I actually enjoy doing it.  (And because I like to be able to see myself in the mirror without feeling shocked – every time – at how dark my under-eyes look from lack of sleep).  🙂  I’ve always loved makeup (even if I wear it in moderation), and this is something that I do for myself.

I’m finding that – as  new mom – it’s important to make time for those little things that are just for you, even if it’s as simple as accenting your eyes with a touch of liner!! 

But since I don’t always have time for a shower in the busy hours of the morning (please don’t judge), I’ve decided that hats are a new mama’s best friend.  Most days, my hair doesn’t want to cooperate within the handful of minutes I have available to do something with it.  So I’ll do my ultra-fast makeup job, throw on a hat, grab an outfit out of the clean-laundry pile, and then I’m ready to face my day!!

Oh, if only every other aspect of my mornings was so easy!

And my fashion these days?  Well, let’s just say that there probably isn’t yet a word to describe it.  😉  Before having a baby, my style was usually very safe…  Jeans or black slacks, cowgirl boots or flats, T-shirts or a flowy blouse.  Oh, yes, and stripes.  There were usually stripes involved.  😉

Since having Brady, comfort wins out every time, and my ‘look’ is usually a pair of yoga pants or jeans with a comfy sweater.  Oh, but then there are my Old Navy, snowflake leggings…  I live in those leggings when I’m home.  They’re comfy, and they go with any black sweater (of which I have quite a few).

Were I to see these leggings on anyone else, I’d gush about how cute they are.  On me, they feel a bit much.  They’re not outrageous by any sense of  the word, but – for me – they just don’t feel ‘safe’ and familiar.  I’m not used to wearing such bold patterns, and so I never wore them out… until now.

My sister Sarah and I were running to the store to pick up a few items of food that would actually fit into my restricted diet, and I didn’t feel like changing out of my super-comfortable outfit.  And these types of prints are all the rage right now, even if it feels new to me.  It’s not like I was going to stand out, even if I felt like I was!  There’s certainly nothing wrong with stepping outside of your fashion comfort-zone once in awhile!

So I shrugged and told Sarah, “I feel as though these leggings are a bit loud for me, but I  just don’t care.  I don’t feel like finding something else to wear.”

She assured me that I looked cute, which is one of the many reasons why she’s my favorite shopping partner.  She’d tell me that I looked cute even if I was prancing around in sackcloth.  And you really can’t put a price on that kind of support, especially just after you’ve had a 10 lb baby via C-section!

We arrived at the grocery store, and I had just stepped through the entryway…  A man came up behind me and exclaimed, “Those leggings could save your life!”  He proceeded to tell us a story about a jogger who would have been hit by a car, had the sunlight not gleamed off of her vibrant leggings.  He continued gushing about how leggings like mine would make me stand out, were I to jog outside, so – seriously – they were life-savers.  It was a rather awkward conversation, to be honest, but I sincerely believe he meant it all as a compliment!!

I laughed and said something to the affect of, “Oh, wow, well, that’s good to know!”

But still, my face turned red.  And Sarah giggled.

Ten minutes later, I ran into him again.  He grabbed a teenage boy who was wearing a bright vest (for security purposes while putting away carriages in the dark), and he told the boy, “You don’t need that vest.  Buy a pair of leggings like hers!”

My face turned redder.  Sarah giggled harder.  And the poor carriage-boy made his escape.

After the man walked away with his shopping cart, I ducked into a deserted aisle and burst into laughter, along with my sister.  So much for thinking that I was going to blend ‘into the crowd’.

Then again, that is over-rated, isn’t it?  Why not embrace my new mommy fashion – hats, crazy-leggings, and all??  🙂  And, hey, at the end of the day, at least my eyes look good!

What’s the most outrageous thing that you’ve worn out in public?  For me, it was probably the other day, when I ran into a convenience store while wearing a pair of slippers!!  (Again, I’m a new mom.  So please don’t judge).  🙂









17 thoughts on “Hats, Leggings, and New-Mommy Fashion

  1. Haha! Those leggings are really cute, but I can imagine that some less fashion focused people (aka guys) might find them a little surprising. I bought myself one great non maternity shirt so I would have SOMETHING cute and comfy I could throw on. I’m impressed you manage makeup every morning. I’m mostly committed to the showering and trying to remember to brush my teeth.

    1. I really need to go through my winter, non-maternity clothes, because my maternity tops are getting way too big. (I’m a little nervous about trying on pants though, so I might wait on that. Ha, ha!! But I definitely could fit into regular tops, for sure)! I think that finding something cute and comfy after having a baby is a really good idea… It just feels nice to have something new to wear!!
      And you’ve just reminded me to brush my teeth… *sheepish grin* It was definitely ‘one of those’ mornings. I am a mess today, and we are visiting with Nate’s parents this afternoon. So I guess I’d better go throw on a hat! 😉

    1. It was pretty hilarious, especially since it started ‘right’ as I stepped into the store… and I had told my sister how worried I was about standing out! Fun times, for sure!! Ha, ha. 🙂

  2. Oh girl, no judgement! I totally wore PJ pants to the store when I was in college. No shame. 😉 And I definitely don’t wash my hair every day and I’m not a new momma so again… no judgement! And I totally think those leggings are adorable! I’ve been looking for ones similar to those. I’ll have to check out Old Navy and see if they have any left! 🙂

    1. Thank you, my friend! Ha, ha!! I can’t believe how casual I am about such things, now that I’m a mom. I’m pretty much like, “Why shouldn’t I go in with slippers? Why would I run home to change, just to grab some milk?” I would have cared before… I totally don’t anymore. Hee, hee.
      I hope you find some cute leggings when you decide to look for some! And who knows, maybe they’re on clearance!!

  3. You look wonderful and radiant, and those leggings are adorable! I bought a few of them, but I still don’t feel brave enough to wear them. You, however, certainly do rock them.

    1. It’s amazing how scary it is to wear something that’s out of one’s comfort zone of fashion… I wouldn’t have done it, had changing been so inconvenient! Ha, ha.
      And thank you! 🙂 (You’d definitely be able to pull of leggings too!!).

  4. Hey, don’t feel bad about not washing your hair! I hardly have any responsibilities and I still don’t find time to wash my hair some days!! No judgement here! I’m happy that you’re working out a little makeup routine and doing something that you love still!

    I LOL’d about the leggings story! That is so funny. I totally didn’t expect the guy to tell the boy he needed to buy a pair of leggings, haha!! Slippers outside of the house aren’t so bad! When Jimmy had the flu on Christmas and I was overwhelmed with pet sitting and having people over, I accidentally went to Walgreens in my fuzzy crocs… haha.

    1. I think that doing hair is so time-consuming and frustrating. If I were rich, the main thing I’d want would be my own personal hair-dresser. LOL!!! 🙂 Wouldn’t that be so amazing?
      And fuzzy crocs sound like an amazing foot choice for Walgreens. Ha, ha. These days, I am ALL about comfort!!! 🙂 So I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one embracing that!!

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