Missing Milk

Poor Brady is still suffering from bad stomach pains that make him groan and cry, so I’ve recently had to go on a restricted diet.  (Apparently, it is very common for babies to have an aversion to the milk, soy, eggs, gluten, or nuts that are in their mother’s breastmilk).  And at this point, I would live off of chicken and rice, should it help my baby boy feel better!  Hopefully, within a few weeks, we’ll figure out what exactly is causing Brady such discomfort, and then I can slowly bring back some of the foods that I’ve cut out.

Anyway, I decided that I don’t want Just Live It to become a mommy blog (although I’ll continue to blog about my mommy adventures)!  🙂  But, as usual, I really want to focus on the personal aspect of things, while also writing about fashion, fitness, food, and – hopefully – even a bit of travel!

So I created a separate site at which I’ll be documenting my allergin-free, foodie adventures.  I’m hoping that a few of the foods and recipes I discover will help other new moms who are facing the same types of dietary restrictions.  I’ll also be writing short blurbs (as this new mommy doesn’t have much free time) that review baby products, share mommy tips I’ve learned, and encourage new moms.

Stick around here for the main blog posts that document my crazy – and often humorous – adventures.  😉  But if you’re a mom looking for recipe ideas and such, check out my new page for quick posts that are focused on all-things-baby.  🙂


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