Thank Goodness for Google!

Because the doctors kept commenting on how well I was doing and how my C-section had been a textbook procedure(meaning it went exactly how it should without any complications or challenges), I started to drop hints that I really wanted to go home early.  Okay, fine, they were a bit more blatant than hints.  More like, “Gee, I’m feeling pretty good.  I wish I could go home today!”  😉

Although I had pain at the incision site and still felt weak, pain meds helped to take the edge off; and I was able to get around quite well.  Quite frankly, after only two full days in the hospital, I was more than ready to leave behind the cafeteria food and lack of privacy.  Because Brady had been born so late on a Tuesday night, the hospital assured me that I could stay as long as Sunday, but I made it known that I really wanted to go home on Friday… as long as the doctor felt it would be safe for me and Brady.  And much to my relief, after one final exam that morning, the hospital staff agreed that I could be discharged by noon that day.

I think that both Nate and I breathed a huge sigh of relief when we walked into our home with Brady.  Nate walked me in first, making sure I didn’t trip on the driveway, which was covered with a thin layer of ice.  (Thanks to my dad, the driveway had been shoveled clear, however, so Nate didn’t have to worry about snow removal once we got home).  Then Nate ran back to the Jeep to grab our baby and carefully carried him into the house for the first time ever.  We looked at each other over the top of the carseat and took a deep breath.

We were parents and now we were on our own.  No more doctors and nurses down the hall to call whenever a question arose.  That’s when reality really sets in, if it hasn’t already.  And as you can imagine, a few things are bound to happen that will shake up a new mommy and daddy’s confidence.

We were home less than an hour, when I heard Nate yelling in a slight panic.  I was just feet away, unpacking my hospital bag, and I rushed over to him as quickly as I possibly could.  He was standing by the changing table, where a very naked Brady was lying… and peeing a nice arch of urine across the room.  Yes, our baby boy hadn’t wasted any time in christening his new home or his daddy.  😉

By the time the second hour had passed, we were on the phone with the hospital to discuss a few questions.  They had answers, thank goodness.

And that night, just before bed, Nate and I discovered that Brady despised his sleeper / bouncer, which was supposed to act as Brady’s bassinet, while he slept in our room for the first couple of months.  His long frame was kind of hunched over in an uncomfortable way when we put him in it, and he fussed until we took him out.  And his crib – now put together in the nursery – wouldn’t fit through the nursery door, so we didn’t have the option of dragging that to our bedroom.  Desperate times called for desperate measures, and we went so far as to see if a blanket-lined hamper would work as a makeshift bassinet for one night.  (It’s not necessarily an idea that I’m proud of, but – like I said – desperate times and all…  It was late, and the three of us were quickly hitting over-tired status).  Thankfully, we discovered that Brady did love his swing, and he slept in it that night, all swaddled and cozy.

Actually, he has slept in it every night since then.  As I said, he loves it…  And it’s nice for the nights that he’s fussy and likes to be rocked to sleep.

Thankfully, we all slept pretty well that first night.  Brady woke up quite often to eat, but falling back asleep after he fed wasn’t an issue for either of us.  And Saturday was a new day…

Nate and I discovered that even though we were new to this parenting thing, a mommy and daddy intuition helped to guide us more often than not.  We just kind of sensed what he needed.  We sometimes just knew what to do.  And – as Nate likes to say – when there were moments that left us clueless, “Thank goodness for Google!”  🙂


11 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for Google!

  1. Aww so happy you’re settling in as parents! Brady is so cute. I’m sorry you ended up with a c-section. Been there and it can be rough! I’m glad you’re doing so well though and got to leave the hospital a little early. Just be careful to take it easy and let people do things for you. Recovery can take much longer if you overdo it. I’m now 4 days overdue…so still waiting on my little girl to arrive.

    Also, I have heard great things about the rock n play sleeper. It’s on a slight incline so can help with reflux for babies. It might be a nice option for Brady to sleep as it’s also raised so you won’t have to bend over so much. 🙂

    1. I have that – by this point – your little girl has arrived and that you’re recovering with her. 🙂 When you’re feeling up to it one day, email me her birth story, send me a pic, and let me know how you’re doing!!!! 🙂
      We decided to go with the rock n play sleeper, and it’s working REALLY well for us!!!! 🙂

  2. I love this post. My husband just recently tried to convince me that we should put Charlotte to sleep on the floor of his Grandfather’s walk-in closet… so a laundry basket doesn’t sound so bad! It sounds like you guys are totally getting your groove. It’s weird at first becaue even in your most confident state, there’s a lot of newness to everything. You’ve got to try and figure out what works and it sounds like you guys are doing such a great job at it.

  3. Glad you’re settling in!!! I’m so happy things are going well! Thanks for being so honest about all those new parent moments! I’m getting pretty anxious and it’s nice to know there’s someone out there just taking things as they come (and rocking at it!)

  4. My friend’s midwife told her, as she was panicking about leaving the hospital, that she’ll automatically know what to do cos she’s a mom now. I thought that was a really reassuring thing to say. And it’s true!

  5. I’m so happy to hear that your first day/night as new parents went as well as could be expected!! Pee and all ;). I think it’s amazing how parents just have that intuition and it only gets stronger over time! Brady is so, so adorable! I love the picture of him all snuggled up in his swing 🙂

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