Our Thanksgiving – 2014

Seeing as how there was a snowstorm on his due date, Nate and I really appreciated the fact that Brady was born a day early.  By the time the snow swirled in, Brady was held warmly in our arms, and we were safely recuperating in the hospital’s Delivery Ward.  From my hospital bed, I could watch the snow blow against the window and pile up outside.  And since it was the first day after my C-section, I appreciated the quiet that the storm had brought with it.

Because up until that point, it somehow hadn’t dawned on me that a C-section really is major abdominal surgery.  😉  By the late morning hours of my first day in recovery, I was insistent that I wanted to get up and move around a bit.  The nurses encouraged my movement but insisted on staying by my side, as I ever-so-carefully swung my legs over the side of the bed and stood up for the first time.  I thank God for the motherly nurse who was by my side that day.  She caught me when I almost fell… twice.  She helped me clean up, when I bled.  And she chatted casually with me as though it were perfectly normal to have a conversation with someone while they were being sponge-bathed or having a catheter inserted. 

Gosh, I am REALLY thankful for her!  Everytime I tried to apologize for my inability to care for myself, she would have none of it.  I don’t know how she did it, but she somehow kept me from feeling crazy self-conscious.  Instead, she praised my small triumphs, like the first time I walked without assistance or even the time that I learned how to sit up by myself (thanks to the help of the electronic bed).  Because trust me, sitting up is nearly impossible when your abdominal muscles have been sliced into the day before. 

So, yes, recovering from the C-section was definitely a lot more intense than I had expected.  But at the same time, by day two, I was moving around quite well and had been allowed to shower.  (It’s amazing what clean hair and a quick makeup job can do for a woman)!  The doctor who came in that morning to check on me said that he had never seen someone recover so quickly.  So even if I felt as though I was taking baby steps, apparently I was recuperating a lot faster than most women do.  Hey, I’ll count my blessings!

It worked out well for me, because day two was Thanksgiving.  🙂

My parents arrived late afternoon, a few hours after Nate’s family had come to meet little Brady, and they were possibility giddy to meet their first grandchild.

And I was possibility giddy for him to meet them.

It’s amazing how our family now has another member…  And how, even though he had only been a part of our family for two days, we now couldn’t imagine life without him.  Brady was very much embraced and loved from the very beginning!

That night, Nate and I swaddled Brady and laid him all comfy-cozy in his bassinet to sleep.  And while the cold wind blew outside, we sat down at our little table by the window and ate the Thanksgiving dinner my mom had brought for us.  It was actually very romantic.  And even though it was very different than the Thanksgivings we had celebrated in the past, it was special in a way that we’ll never forget.  Because it was our first Thanksgiving spent with our precious little son.

And if anyone had looked in from the snowy outside and caught sight of me and Nate – smiling and dreaming over our plates of turkey and stuffing – I’m sure they would have noticed that our window glowed warmer and brighter than any of the others.  Because you can’t get much happier – or more thankful – than we were that night!  🙂




8 thoughts on “Our Thanksgiving – 2014

  1. Oh so sweet. I’m so glad Brady was here to celebrate Thanksgiving with you guys. I love that you got to see family and that your mom brought you guys dinner. Precious! My little sister was born on Christmas Eve so for Christmas dinner my grandparents brought all of us kids up to the hospital to eat with our parents. Two adults, a 10 year old, two 8 year olds and and a 2 year old (me!) all crammed in that hospital room to eat a cafeteria provided Christmas dinner with our parents and our newest baby sister. I don’t remember it, but my mom still smiles when she talks about that day. 🙂

    Also, I so hope you continue to recover quickly. C Sections seem so routine so we forget that it really is major surgery. Take it easy. And love on that sweet baby! 🙂

  2. Love! And that picture of Brady is absolutely beautiful. Side note, totally feel you on the c-section recovery. I almost forgot about how excruciating the pain was those first couple days. Sounds like you were a total warrior!

    1. Yes, I had NO idea how painful the C-section recovery would be. But I was really blessed in that my recovery was much easier than some women have to face. The doctor said that it was one of the easiest surgeries he had to do, and my recuperation was very smooth as well. (Painful, yes… But at the same time, I was able to walk around rather quickly). I am VERY thankful for that!!! And I now have so much more respect for women who need C-sections, because I had never realized how much the recovery really does require of them!

  3. Awww, what a special Thanksgiving for your family! You guys look so happy! What a blessing. I hope you’re recovering better and better each from the c-section. I love when nurses are good at their jobs like the one who took care of you. It makes all the difference!

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