Preggo Grumpies

I’m not sure if I’ve declared this yet on my blog, but – just in case I haven’t – here it is.  I have officially entered the I’m-really-uncomfortable stage of this pregnancy.  Some may wonder at all of the positivity displayed in my previous preggo posts and wonder if I was being honest.  I have been, I promise!  Being pregnant, even with its expected discomforts, has been easier (and even more enjoyable) than I thought it would be.  But that being said, I am now 39 weeks pregnant.  So, yeah, as of this past week, I’ve felt better.

And I’ve honestly come down with a small case of the Preggo Grumpies.

My belly is uncomfortably large and heavy, and I’m left wondering why no one has yet invented the belly bra.  (Oh, wait, scratch that…  I just Googled it, and apparently it already exists.  Who knew…).  Anyway, there are plenty of other things to complain about… You know, if I felt like complaining.  😉


These days, bending over to reach something off of the floor is close-to-impossible and often painful, so I tend to kick such items into a neat pile and then wait for Nate to come around to pick them up for me.  Nate saw this claw-like contraption at Target and wanted to get it for me, but I told him that would be a waste of money since I’m due so soon.  (Besides, a pregnant woman needs some perks, even if it’s the excuse to be lazy and to not pick up dropped items from the floor.  Hey, I’ll take what I can get!).


The Braxton Hicks contractions are getting stronger and more frequent (usually at least two an hour, in addition to the menstrual-like-cramping that is almost non-stop), and they make it difficult for me to really get comfortable.  I heard that moving around a bit can help to ease them up a bit, so I’ve been baking a lot.  (I’m pretty sure that baking counts as a workout, at least when you’re pregnant).  The only problem with that is that pregnancy brain doesn’t always help the end result, and – for the time being – I’ve definitely lost my touch in the kitchen.

The other day, after a particularly rough morning of Braxton Hicks contractions, I decided to bake a homemade bread… and I didn’t realize that my yeast was expired until an hour into the rising period (when I noticed that the yeast hadn’t risen an inch).  I was really disappointed and instantly in a bad mood.  I mean, not only had I wasted an hour and a half of my day and dirtied a bunch of dishes, but I also no longer had thick slices of buttered, warm bread to look forward to.  In pregnancy terms, that equals devastation.  I mean, you don’t mess with a pregnant women’s cravings.  You just don’t…

Not realizing how upset I was, Nate tried to cheer me up and teased, “What’s the matter?  Did the yeast not rise to your expectations?”

I stormed away dramatically.

Oh, pregnancy hormones.  They have hit me at full force this week as well.  Seriously, they have no conscience and therefore no qualms about hitting a girl when she’s down.  One minute I feel like sobbing… and then the next minute, I want to punch something.  Sometimes this is due to rapid mood changes.  Sometimes this is only because I’m forced to pick one or the other, since I don’t have enough breath these days to punch something while also sobbing.

I don’t want to give the impression that I’m miserable, because that would be a major stretch of the truth.  I’m not miserable by any means!  But to say that I’m uncomfortable, ready to meet my baby, and more than ready to no longer have a watermelon strapped to my belly would definitely be accurate.  And really, I didn’t do too badly, considering that I’m just now at this point, and I’m only one day away from my due date!

Honestly, I think that my sudden case of the grouchies is mostly thanks to not knowing when the official, labor contractions will start.  I’ve been so patient all along, but now – with the end in sight – I’ve suddenly realized that -wow – I really am glad that this chapter is just about finished.  I’ve suddenly realized that I am tired, uncomfortable, and – mostly – just really eager to meet my little guy.  But I don’t know if I have one day left to wait… or a week.  And that messes with a girl’s head after awhile!  The last week or so of pregnancy is definitely tough, if only because the end is in sight.  The end is so close… yet still feels so far away.

Of course, once a pregnant woman reaches this point, she is more than ready for labor to start.  I’m really not worried about it at all, because I’m just ready!  So maybe God knew that – by this point – being uncomfortable (and maybe even coming down with a case of the grumpies) was just what a woman needed to mentally prepare for labor.  😉

Bring on the pain!  I just want to have this baby!

Hmmmmm, I wonder if – when my doctor asks for labor symptoms at this week’s appointment – I should tell her that I’ve officially come down with a case of the Preggo Grumpies.  That has to mean I’m officially close, whether or not I’m dilated!  Right??  🙂



8 thoughts on “Preggo Grumpies

  1. You’ve done so well to get to this point! I’m 37 weeks and already starting to feel exactly like this – even sitting down is uncomfortable! Alas, the end is in sight you’re so close now…:-)

  2. You are such a trooper! I can’t even IMAGINE how uncomfortable you would be at 39 weeks, and I would be so mad if my bread didn’t rise pregnant or not. The good news is that it’s almost over!!

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