Nursery Reveal!

Decorating Brady’s nursery was probably my favorite prep ‘work’ of this pregnancy…

No, scratch that…  It most definitely was my favorite!  Seeing the plain, spare room transform into a nursery for our baby was exciting and something tangible that I could actually see come together, as my baby boy safely grew inside my belly.  (Not that his growth isn’t tangible, because – trust me – I can most definitely feel and see my big ol’ belly quite easily these days).  🙂  Still, there’s something absolutely precious about immersing yourself in adorable baby things and dreaming of the day when your newborn will be there to snuggle with you in a room decorated just for him.

I’m sure that those who know me are as surprised as I am that the nursery was actually finished before baby Brady’s arrival.  I tend to be quite indecisive and particular when it comes to decorating my home.  In fact, it only took me about three years before I picked out paint colors for the house we now call home, and many of the walls are still bare.  😉  Sometimes it’s due to budgeting, and it just takes awhile to save for the décor we really want.  But to be completely honest, I most often don’t know what I want and am determined to hold out for the perfect thing.

It’s not necessarily a bad trait, because – in the end – I do always love my choices and so there are no regrets when it comes to home improvement purchases.  But at the same time, at this rate, our house probably won’t be finished until Nate and I are retired.  (And by finished, I just mean that there will actually be things hung up on all the blank walls).

But somehow, when it came to the nursery, my vision just came together.  I did run into a few budgeting bumps in the road (and time constraints), which forced me to tweak my plans just a little.  (And my dad – an amazing carpenter – is still working on a homemade toy chest for us).  But for the most part, I was able to run with my ideas and to pull my nursery together… before the baby arrived.

Nate says that we made a good team, because I was the creative ‘genius’ while he was the muscle.  If we had our own decorating show, we’d have a clever name, like Belly and the Brawn.  But since we don’t, we’re still just Nicole and Nate, partners for life.  It just worked out really well…  Nate can’t stand looking at wall hangings and paint colors, while my idea of getting a room painted is bringing Nate a brush, snacks, and a beverage.  It just all came together, and – even if we finished at last minute – the important thing is that we finished!

I decided to go with a jungle-theme, although I didn’t get too carried away with it.  I decided to just use it as inspiration.  I had known, from the beginning, that I wanted to paint the walls gray; and they matched perfectly with the elephant curtains and quilt that my bestie Ashley sewed for me.  My parents had very generously bought us the mocha crib and changing table from Babys’R’Us, so Nate and I saved up for the dresser that matched.  And the beautiful mirror that my uncle had bought us as a wedding gift (still not hung up on any of the walls in the house) looked perfect above the dresser!  See, I had known all along that we’d find just the right spot for it!

The majority of the other decorations were gifts or purchases from Etsy.  (I had never shopped from Etsy before, but it was a great experience!  Plus I loved that I was supporting small business)!

I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out…

Now we just need an itty-bitty baby for the room!  🙂






16 thoughts on “Nursery Reveal!

  1. Ahhhh!!! I love it. You and Nate did a fantastic job. Brady is going to feel so loved and have so much fun growing up in that room. I like that you had an inspiration theme but you didn’t take it too far… This is a room that can remain decorated this way for a long time – it can grow with Brady and it isn’t too ‘babyish’. You know what I mean?

  2. What a sweet nursery! I like that it is understated in the theme. My 2 year old daughter was looking at the pics too and she likes it too. The growth chart is awesome!!

    Love shopping on Etsy…I’ve done a ton of that the past couple months. I bought almost all this year’s Christmas gifts on Etsy.

    1. Awwww, I’m so glad that the nursery is 2 year old approved! 🙂
      And that’s a good idea, to shop for Christmas gifts on Etsy! There are SO many cute things AND it’s nice to support small business like that.

    1. It’s amazing how many other things come up during the course of the pregnancy. I thought that finishing the nursery would be a given, but I really did start to get a little nervous a the end. Ha, ha. BUT we did finish it in time. Phew!

  3. Aw it looks great!! My husband was the muscle in our nursery too and I was the dreamer. It’s fun to work together and then see the results. Excited for your little one to get here!!!

  4. Turned out great, guys! If Brady doesn’t love it (impossible!) I’ll rent it out from you since you know that I love elephants 🙂 haha.

    You know what my favorite part is? That there’s a little piece of so many people who love Brady already. Furniture from your parents and uncle, handmade things from your best friend and other friends, walls painted by Nate, items hand-selected by you, etc etc. How adorable is that?!

  5. I’m SO glad you put these pictures on Facebook! I hated missing out on everything that has been going on with you these past few weeks when I’ve been out of touch with blogging so I was so glad to see the photos of his room. It’s absolutely precious! You guys did such a great job! 🙂

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