Preggo Journal – Last One!

As I reach the last week of pregnancy before my due date (November 26th), I thought that I’d do one more Preggo Journal, just to make sure that I fit it in!  (At this point in time, who knows when I’ll go into labor!  Ha, ha).



How big is baby:  During last week’s ultra-sound, the tech said that she measured baby Brady as being 8 1/2 pounds already!!  And during this week’s ultra-sound, she kept commenting on his chubby cheeks and little, fat rolls.  So it seems as though he’s going to be a big boy who likes to eat!

Total weight gain:   I was spot on with my weight gain until my amniotic fluid started to get out of control.  In fact, last week (in just one week), I put on 9 more pounds!  Nine!!  I didn’t think that was possible (especially since I hadn’t changed my eating habits), but apparently the fluid is just building and building.  It’s all in my stomach!  So after that started happening, I kind of stopped keeping track, because there’s nothing I can do about the water-retention weight gain.  The doctors are just keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t cause any complications…

As always, all that matters to me is the health of me and my baby!  🙂  And so far, Brady’s vitals are strong and healthy!

 Maternity clothesI’ve had a very easy pregnancy, and I can honestly say that I didn’t hit the I’m-super-uncomfortable stage until about a week ago.  Since then, I’ve been living in yoga pants, comfy sweaters, hot pink sneakers, flannel pajamas, and my fuzzy bathrobe.  😉

Although I still take out my favorite maternity jeans and heeled boots on occasion, because – well – they’re cute.  And I’ve fallen in love with sweater dresses paired with leggings and fuzzy boots!

I’ve also raided my hubby’s closet.  I don’t have a winter coat that fits around my belly, and some days have been pretty chilly.  So when I go for a walk with Nate to get some exercise, I usually pair his over-sized sweatshirt with my winter vest.  I totally think it’s going to become a fashion trend…  😉

 Sleep:   I’ve had bouts of pregnancy-related insomnia, but it usually hits for a few days… and then goes away for a few days.  This past week has been a good week for sleep, other than the waking up every other hour to use the bathroom.  In fact, I’ve been falling asleep earlier and earlier these days, with bedtime two nights ago being as early as 8pm!

Awkward moment of this week:   This isn’t an awkward moment as much as it’s a we-weren’t-really-thinking-moment.  🙂

One of our favorite places to go walking is a State Park in the area…  Well, as always, we were walking through the woods (about a mile from the car) on a lovely afternoon, when I suddenly stopped, looked up at Nate, and said, “Wait, what if I went into labor right now?  What if my water broke?  We’re over a mile away from the road or help!”

Nate instantly looked panicked and said, “Do you need to walk slower?”

I replied with, “No, no, I’m fine.  But what if…”

“Then let’s walk faster,” he said, cutting me off and instantly turning us around.

It was actually a little scary on the way back, because I had a few good Braxton Hicks contraction cramps.  All I could think about was going into labor in the middle of the woods and how uncomfortable that would be.  Ha, ha.  Thankfully, we made it back to civilization… and let’s just say that we’ll stick to the campground roads that have car access, from now on!  🙂

 Best moment of this week:   Finishing the nursery!  YES, we finally finished the baby’s room yesterday, and pics will be up the minute I take them!  🙂

AND we put up white Christmas lights in the window!  🙂  I took a nap on Monday afternoon and woke up to find that Nate had put them up for me and had set up the baby swing in the living room.  I was over-the-moon excited… and the room felt oh-so-cozy!!

 Food cravings:   Seafood!  If I wasn’t restricted as to the amount of fish I was allowed to eat, I’d eat it every day!  And honestly, I’ve been on a veggie kick too.  I just want fresh food… and chocolate!  😉

I really do always want chocolate… but that was kind of a problem before I was pregnant.  Ha, ha.

Symptoms:  Slightly swollen hands and feet, but they’re really not that bad…  I’ve been getting quite a few Braxton Hicks contractions every day (but nothing really painful)…  My back is sore by the end of each day…  And I had my first pregnancy-related migraine the other night.  It was no joke, especially since I couldn’t take anything to make it go away.  (Actually, I learned afterward that I could have taken Tylenol, but I didn’t realize that at the time).  I thought my head was going to explode, and even just resting my head on my pillow hurt too badly.  So I ended up sitting on the downstairs couch all night, praying for the pain to go away.  Needless to say, it was a long night!

Happy or moody most of the time:    Still happy!  (I tell Nate ALL the time that he should be very grateful for the fact that I didn’t have a moody pregnancy)!  🙂

Labor signs:  Just those Braxton Hicks contractions.  And I know my due date is soon, because my mom now calls every day (several times a day) to find out how I’m feeling (which I’m fairly certain is her way of asking “Are you going into labor yet?” without actually asking that).  🙂  It’s cute, because I know that she’s as excited as we are.  And I’m blessed to have a family that cares so much!!

Sadly, at Monday’s doctor appointment, the doctor told me that I’m not dilated at all yet.  Pooh!  🙂  And apparently they don’t induce for big babies, so he could be cooking for a couple of weeks yet if he decides that he doesn’t want to come on time!  So it’s still a waiting game!!  🙂

Final thought:  I seriously can’t wait to meet baby Brady!!!  🙂  I can’t believe that I’ll be a mom so soon!


9 thoughts on “Preggo Journal – Last One!

  1. I don’t know if I have had cravings yet, but I do like seafood! And my taste for chocolate has come back, though I much prefer fruity sweets, especially citrus! I can’t believe the time has really flown (which just motivates me to keep going as I’m sure time is going to fly by for me after the New Year). I’m so excited for you. You are going to be a great mom!

    1. The closer the due date arrives, the faster time flies… At least that’s how it was for me! But then I hit the 2-week mark and time seemed to stand still. 😉 I keep having to remind myself that I should be enjoying each day at this point, as these are the last days with just me and my hubby. AND I’m already on maternity leave, so I should be enjoying this extra free time. But it’s difficult, because each day I wake up wondering “Is today the day??” 🙂
      Thank you so much for the kind words! I really am so excited to start the mommy-adventures! 🙂

  2. Great update!! Your pregnancy has flown by so quickly.

    I find it interesting that they don’t induce for big babies. My guess would have been the opposite – that they don’t induce for small babies but they want to get big babies out right after the due date if they haven’t already come without inducing.

    1. I know! I was ‘shocked’ that they don’t induce for big babies, especially since Brady could be putting on 1/2 lb – 1 lb every week by this point. And although I’ll love him no matter what, I really would prefer that he not be 10 pounds or over!! LOL!
      I guess I’ll just have to trust that these doctors know what they’re doing! 🙂

  3. I’m so excited for you!!! Enjoy these last moments. I’d suggest going to dinner and a movie with your hubs. Eat some popcorn and enjoy 🙂 It will be a little bit until you have time to do that once little Brady arrives! Thinking of you as you prepare to meet your babes!

    1. That is a VERY good suggestion! Actually, I had thought – for sure – that baby Brady would be here before the new Hunger Games movie came out… So I told my hubby that if I’m not in labor by tomorrow, we need to go see that (as it’s coming out tonight)! Ha, ha. 🙂
      Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and great advice!! I’ve so appreciated it and am SO glad that I found your blog… and then – through that – found YOU! 🙂

      1. Ahhh that’s perfect! I hope you make it to the movie and you go into labor during the final credits 🙂 Sending you labor starting vibes! Can’t wait to read Brady’s beautiful birth story! And I promise that no matter how scary some birth stories sound, it’s the most beautiful and amaZing experience ever. Makes me feel fortunate to be a woman!

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