Bits o’ This and That

#1.  ‘Red Carpet’ by Sally Henson is my favorite nail color for November!  It’s a gorgeous, candy-apple red speckled with the tiniest flecks of glitter; and it’s perfect for the holiday season!!  That being said, don’t be fooled by the ‘Hard as Nails’ label.  I have to touch up my nails every morning, because this polish chips easy.  So it’s perfect for a one-night wear or if you have time to do that quick touch-up before your day gets started.  Otherwise, I’d recommend passing this one by… even if it is really pretty.  🙂


#2.  My point-and-shoot camera AND my laptop both decided to die in the same week.

*Insert moment of silence for these two electronic devices that have been such a helpful part of my life over the past three years*

I tried not to panic, but not having a laptop meant using the much slower computer in the bedroom (which won’t be at all convenient once the baby arrives).  And, well, I don’t need to tell you what not having a camera would mean.  Because of this blog, I use my camera every day, several times a day (which is probably why it only lasted as long as it did).  AND I’m still learning how to use my large, manual camera; so I was instantly afraid that not having a small, point-and-shoot camera would mean less baby pictures, once Brady arrives.


I convinced myself that it would totally be okay, but Nate instantly went online and found me a refurbished laptop (which is coming in the mail) and a point-and-shoot camera (which arrived just the other day).  He said that he understands that catching up on my favorite blogs, blogging, and photography will be major hobbies of mine in December when I’m home recovering with the baby.  I was left completely overwhelmed that he knew this without my having to say so.

He is seriously SO good to me!

So far, the Canon ELPH 150 IS is a lot more complicated to use than my other camera was (may it rest in peace).  I actually had to read the user-manual for this one and am still figuring it out (in order to know which functions to choose for the appropriate lighting / setting).  But I’m pretty sure that – in the end – the quality of photo’s will be just as good, so the $120 on Amazon was well-spent!


#3.  I am addicted to homemade gingerbread cookies!  I made a batch with my sister last weekend, and then baked a whole new set this week so that I could freeze them to enjoy after the baby arrives.  🙂  They have the perfect crunch and blend of holiday spices to hit the sweet tooth without feeling too heavy.

Soooo delish!


#4.  I did it!  I finished reading baby book # 3!!!  🙂

You know what that means?  I’m officially ready for baby Brady to arrive, whenever he decides that he’s ready!


#5.  Coffee shops are coming out with their holiday beverages and hot chocolates.  It makes me possibility giddy with happiness!  🙂


#6.  I was starting to get pretty tired of wearing the same maternity outfits, so I was beyond thrilled to discover that a few of my sweater dresses (which aren’t maternity) are stretchy enough to fit!  Granted, they look more like long sweaters than dresses, thanks to my rolly-polly baby belly.  😉

BUT they fit, and that’s all that matters!  Ha, ha.


#7.  How funny is this hand-towel?  And maybe a bit true?  😉

Have a GREAT Monday, my friends!!





10 thoughts on “Bits o’ This and That

  1. Adorable! Love that sweater dress! BTW… I’m beyond impressed that you read 3 baby books! I got through one front to back and read bits and pieces of another. Does this mean I should come to you for baby advice?? Can’t wait to see pics of your sweet babe.

    1. Ha, ha. My having read three books definitely does NOT make me the baby expert, by any means. I am just SO clueless when it comes to babies (as is my husband), so we both desperately needed whatever knowledge we could obtain beforehand. LOL! 🙂 (I don’t think I’ve changed a diaper since I was 15)!
      The books definitely gave me some good insight into what to expect, what to do, and who to ask for help whenever we need it. 🙂 (I tried to also start reading a book on baby sleep that’s supposed to be really good. But honestly, I haven’t got very far in that one).
      So no, I’m sure you entered motherhood even more prepared than me, even if you didn’t read three books. 😉

      1. I would recommend a sleep book! That’s been the most useful thing since having the little one. We are auper nutso about sleep and it’s paid off! We read healthy sleep havits, happy child. Its our sleep bible.

      2. That’s the book I’m trying to read!!! 🙂 It’s very technical, so I feel as though my brain is having a difficult time grasping it right now. But I’m trying to get whatever tidbits I can get for now…
        I’ve already learned a few things that we’ll be putting into practice (such as allowing the infant to nap before he even shows signs of being tired). Now that you bring that book up, I need to make sure I read a bit more in it tonight!! 🙂

  2. That towel is awesome. Heck yeah.

    I’m glad that you discovered you can wear those sweater dresses – it expanded your wardrobe a bit!

    And I still want some gingerbread cookies. What recipe do you use? I remember you saying that you’ve been using the same one for 16 years or something!

    1. I know, right?? I thought the towel was absolutely hysterical… sprinkled with a touch of truth. Ha, ha! We ladies know how to get it done! 😉
      I was SO excited to discover that the sweater dresses still fit! They’re cute, but they are also SO crazy comfy! I wear them with my maternity leggings and fuzzy, black winter boots… and I’m in comfort-heaven!
      I’ll post the recipe for the gingerbread cookies today – at some point – on my kitchen page and will let you know once I’ve done that! It is a tried-and-true recipe that Sarah and I ALWAYS go back to! Yes, we’ve been using this same recipe for 15 or 16 years! We have tried a few others and then always regret it, going back to this one. It just has the perfect gingerbread flavor and that lovely crunch. Soooo yummy!!!

  3. Just and FYI- The Snickerdoodle Coffee (I personally like the iced better than hot) at Dunks is pretty amazing. 1 cream, no sugar…perfection. Oh and the Croissant Donut (Or Cronut I have heard it called)…uhhhh, yum. 🙂

    1. Hmmmm, I might have to try that Snickerdoodle Coffee (especially since decaf coffee from Dunkies hardly has any caffeine at all, unlike Starbucks)! 🙂 (And I tend to prefer iced coffee anyway – while I like hot latte’s – so that’s perfect. I’ll just make sure to get it iced. Ha, ha). 🙂 YUM!
      And I can only imagine how yummy the Croissant Donut is!
      Yep, now I’m officially hungry! Ha, ha!!

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