Never Too Early To Give Thanks

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.

Even as a child, I embraced its warmth and simplicity…  Unlike the Christmas holiday that follows (which I still happen to adore), it easily avoids the hype and over-the-top commercialism.  It’s main focus is giving thanks for what you have.  Appreciation.  Counting one’s blessings.  Thanking God.

Family, faith…

and food.

I fully expect Thanksgiving to be different this year, as my due date is the day before the holiday.  If I go into labor early, I’ll be home caring for a precious little miracle by the time November 27th rolls around.  If I go late, I’ll probably be a little too uncomfortable to run from my parent’s house to my in-law’s house, as we normally do.  And if I’m on time, well, we’ll be eating a turkey dinner in the hospital’s recovery room.  😉


No matter what, I’ll be especially thankful this year for what we have.  And we’ll see family around Thanksgiving, even if it’s not on the day itself.  So I’m surprisingly okay with realizing that this year will be so different.  I guess knowing that we’re going to meet our baby boy so soon is enough to leave me positively happy, no matter what.  🙂  And I also know that different doesn’t always mean not-as-good.

It will be a memorable year, for sure, even if it doesn’t follow in the path of past traditions.  Sometimes different is okay, especially when you focus on the positive that comes with it, instead of comparing your current situation to the way things used to be.  (And next year things will go back to normal, just in time for Brady to turn one).  🙂

That being said, I wanted to make sure that my hubby didn’t miss out on the food part of Thanksgiving this year, so we celebrated together just a ‘few’ days early.  😉  You know, just in case!  So on Saturday, I made a herbed turkey breast in the crockpot, along with garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli casserole, nutmeg butternut squash, cranberry sauce, stuffing…

…AND pumpkin pie, of course!

My hubby was pretty excited about it and kept gushing, “Thank you, Babe!  Thank you!”  It was pretty cute!

As everything simmered and baked, our house began to smell just like Thanksgiving!  It put me in such a good mood and brought back memories of Thanksgivings past.  As we ate our dinner (oh, so yummy), I thanked God for all of my many blessings.  (AND I was especially thankful that our turkey dinner carried us over for two more suppers, which meant I didn’t have to make dinner for those two nights!  Ha, ha).

Even if it’s a little early to say Happy Thanksgiving, it’s definitely never too early to give thanks.  🙂

What’s your favorite holiday?


9 thoughts on “Never Too Early To Give Thanks

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, friend!! I’m so glad you guys still got to eat a delicious Thanksgiving meal and take time to think of all you’re grateful for. I still cannot believe that Brady will be here SO soon! The time has just flown by. I’m so excited for you, sweet friend. What an amazing Thanksgiving this one will be even if it’s spent in the hospital! 🙂

    1. Hmmmm, I have been craving stuffing for SO long now! It’s what inspired me to make a complete Thanksgiving meal for us, I’m pretty sure! Ha, ha. I just couldn’t stand the thought of missing all our favorite Thanksgiving sides this year! 😉

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