Retail Therapy

I haven’t shopped at a mall for months.  The last time I went, it was so hot out that I was wearing flip flops, a tank top, and shorts.  And my only destination for that trip was Motherhood Maternity to pick up a few more maternity tops and necessities.  Other than that, I’ve been living at Babys’R’Us and taking advantage of their expectant moms parking.  (It’s pretty much the only store that has such conveniently placed parking spots, and I could hug them for it).

So I was most definitely aching for a trip to the mall that wasn’t quite so practical.  As I had no plans on Friday, I knew that it was now or never.  Once baby Brady arrives, it will be a good while before I’m up to venturing out in public, never mind shopping at a mall.  And while these next couple of weeks will be perfect for finalizing last-minute things (like finishing the nursery, packing a hospital bag, and prepping freezer meals), I also think it’s important to rest… and maybe squeeze in a few fun things that will probably be put on hold for awhile!  🙂

Much to my surprise, the stores are already coming out with Christmas things…  Normally I might be tempted to rant about how it’s way too early and how they’re skipping over my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving).  But I quickly remembered that I won’t be Christmas shopping at the malls this year, as I’ll be home snuggling with a newborn; so it made me rather happy to immerse myself in all things red, green, and wintery.

Hmmm, it kind of makes me want to plan an early Christmas-shopping trip with my sister this weekend, along with our traditional gingerbread cookie baking.  Yeahhh, I think we might have to do that. 

Maybe we should even do a vlog…  Okay, now I’m getting excited! 

My only purchases were actually from Old Navy, as I was pleasantly surprised by their selection of clothes.  Then again, there wasn’t a store I went in that didn’t leave me feeling elated and slightly giddy.  It’s just been so long since I’ve browsed racks of non-maternity clothes.  I’m pretty sure that I would have skipped through the aisles if I didn’t feel so heavy…  But instead, I rocked this really cool, over-the-top-happy pregnancy-swagger (not to be mistaken with a waddle, which is not-so-cool).

These flannel pajama pants are SO crazy comfy and will perfect for the cold evenings this upcoming winter.  (I needed a new pair, because the ones I wear now have a nice tear along the side, thanks to being stretched out by my belly).  Ha, ha.  So I guess you could say that this purchase was both fun AND practical.

(Am I the only one who gets really excited about a new pair of pajamas)?


I also bought this over-sized, long-sleeved T, which fit despite not being maternity.  It’s really comfy, so I thought it’d make a great lounging outfit for when I return home from the hospital.  I’ll want to look presentable, as I expect visitors to pop in and out, but – at the same time – I fully intend to put comfort first.  😉

I found these leggings, which I plan to wear with the long-sleeved T and a sleep-shirt I purchased from Motherhood.  They’re so festive and wintery, perfect for comfort during the holiday season!  (They feel like pajamas but are also cute enough to wear when visitors come a’calling).

leggins 2

AND last, but not least, I couldn’t resist buying this Ooh, La, La sweater.  It pretty much fits now as well, although it will fit a lot better once I’m not quite so pregnant.  😉

Oh, new clothes, how I missed you!

Everything else I purchased was practical, which meant that I went home without purchasing this giant, stuffed Olaf.  😉  I figured that I probably wouldn’t be able to convince Nate that this was just a really expensive body pillow and that cuddling with it at night would help me sleep better.  Ha, ha.

Gosh he’s cute!

Anyway, that night, I found a comfy spot on the couch, cuddled with my two fur-babies, and online-shopped to just about finish my Christmas shopping.  Score!!  🙂

Now THAT was a fun day!!!  🙂




11 thoughts on “Retail Therapy

  1. I vote yes to the vlog! 🙂

    I totally get excited about new pj pants! I actually have to stop myself from buying way more than I need because every time I see a cute pair on sale I find myself wanting to get them, haha! So glad you found some cute and practical (and comfy!) clothes to wear for after Brady gets here and you will have visitors. 🙂

    1. There’s nothing like flannel pajamas once the colder weather arrives! Add a good book (or movie) and a cup of hot cocoa? Oh, yeah, now THAT is the perfect evening!! 🙂

  2. Nothing better than new clothes- and I am totally with you on getting ridiculously excited with new PJ pants- Old Navy has the best flannels…Love all the purchases! Everything will be great post baby bump too!

    1. Hi, Patty! 🙂 The leggings are from the maternity section at Old Navy! (I ended up ordering those, because they weren’t in the store… But a medium fit me quite nicely, as the medium regular pajamas normally would. So the sizes seem to run similar as other Old Navy pajamas or leggings, only they’re roomier for us preggo ladies!). 🙂
      Here’s the link, should you be interested in ordering a pair of your own. They are soooo comfortable!!!!

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